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Rachel’s Jewelry Funding Homebuilt LSA

There are plenty of shops selling various goods in the Fly Market, but few have as direct a link to EAA’s mission of growing The Spirit of Aviation as Rachel’s Jewelry, located at Booth 789 by Gate 29.

Teen Sells Jewelry to Support Homebuilding Dream

At just 15 years old, Rachel St Louis is well on her way to achieving her homebuilding dreams, selling homemade aviation jewelry to fund her SkyReach BushCat LSA project.

13-Year-Old Sells Jewelry to Fulfill Homebuilding and College Dreams

Rachel St. Louis may be young, but she knows how to dream big. The 13-year-old from Machias, Maine handcrafts and sells her own jewelry in hopes of raising enough money to send herself to college and build her own airplane.

Vintage Airplane

News and features on antique, classic, and contemporary aircraft are in Vintage Airplane magazine exclusively for EAA Vintage Aircraft Association members.

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Mystery Airplane: Seen At Oshkosh

Guess this month's Mystery Airplane!

The Airplane Factory Sling

The Airplane Factory Sling
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