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Chapter Home- Rent Build or Buy

Learn about Chapter 1454’s approach to finding a home, and find the approach right for your chapter. 

Simulation at Home for Proficiency

Flight simulation is a popular pastime but it can also be a powerful tool for pilots to maintain proficiency, even at home. You do not need an FAA approved aviation training device to stay sharp with your flying skills, instrument work and even radio

FSExpo At-Home Flight Simulation

Increasingly, students and pilots are turning to at-home flight simulation for training, proficiency, and currency reasons. While some at-home simulators are FAA certified (meaning they can be used to log hours), most aren’t. But that doesn&rsq

Using Simulation At Home

It has never been more important to be comfortable with the equipment onboard modern GA aircraft, and with the procedures required for every flight - often happening in complex airspace.  The power of today's personal computers makes it poss

Breakdowns Away from Home

Mike Busch A&P/IA discusses how to deal with every aircraft owner's worst nightmare: a mechanical breakdown that leaves your airplane stranded away from home base. Using real-life case studies of actual breakdown events, Mike illustrates the

Hosting a Successful YE Rally

Learn first-hand how Chapter 2 organizes their Young Rallies and take these learnings back to your home airport. 

Vintage Open Town Hall

Meet and talk with the VAA officers and directors over free coffee and donuts. Vintage leaders will discuss recent activities of the association, current plans, and our goals for the future. This is your opportunity to express your thoughts and our o

EAA Chapter 857 Fly-In Breakfast

EAA Chapter 857 Fly-In and Drive-In Breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, suasage, coffee. Young Eagle flights from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Classic airplanes, home builts.
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