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Vintage Airplane

News and features on antique, classic, and contemporary aircraft are in Vintage Airplane magazine exclusively for EAA Vintage Aircraft Association members.

B-17 Aluminum Overcast

Join us when EAA's Aluminum Overcast tour visits an airport near you. Fly on one of the few remaining airworthy B-17 bombers left in the world.

Advertise in Vintage Airplane Magazine

Find out information on advertising in EAA Vintage Airplane magazine. Reach owners, restorers, and enthusiasts of antique and classic aircraft.

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Extra Parts on the Airplane?

Mystery Airplane: Seen At Oshkosh

Guess this month's Mystery Airplane!

Airplane Rides at Pioneer Airport

Fly in an airplane departing from Pioneer Airport’s grass runway. Your trip to the EAA Aviation Museum isn't complete without an airplane ride!

The Airplane Factory Sling

The Airplane Factory Sling
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