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New Evening Attraction: Twilight Flight Fest

When the sun begins to sit lower in the summer Wisconsin sky and the wind is more favorable for light flight, it’s time to have some good flying fun at the south end of the field. That’s where—on the evenings of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday—the Twilight Flight Fest will commence in the area known as the Fun Fly Zone.

In this laid-back and welcoming environment, AirVenture attendees will enjoy affordable and entertaining forms of flight in an up-close and personal way.

Beginning at 8:00 p.m. (on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings) and hosted by Fun Fly Zone announcer, Jon “Jughead” Counsell, the Twilight Flight Fest will kick off with the EAA S.T.O.L. Invitational, an opportunity to witness the incredible short takeoff and landing skills so aptly demonstrated in wilderness environments like river sandbars in remote Alaska. You’ll marvel at how quickly these properly-designed and equipped aircraft—and expert pilots—can get airborne…and how little grass runway is needed for a successful touchdown!

Next, watch the Paradigm Aerobatic Team—a spectacular hit during their AirVenture Oshkosh debut in 2016—as they perform a wide range of dynamic maneuvers in powered parachutes. In this pure form of lightweight aviation, the team—made up of pilots from the United States, Spain, and France—use their ultralight paramotors to create an engaging performance reminiscent of an aerial three-ring circus as the pilots showcase the incredible maneuverability and precision. We bet you’ll be muttering, “How do they DO that?!?”

Then it’s time for some quiet flight as accomplished skydivers show what’s possible with a parasol. If you enjoy the flag jump that traditionally opens AirVenture afternoon air shows, you’ll love the more complete and exciting demonstrations of the Patriot Parachute Team as you get up close and personal with parachutes.

The EAA continues to embrace our relationship with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and welcome RC modelers into the world of AirVenture. And the Twilight Flight Fest presents the ideal forum for 3D RC demonstrations where you can see these large-scale RC aircraft strut their impressive stuff including light, laser, and smoke effects. Have your video cameras ready!

Food carts and other refreshments will be available at the Twilight Flight Fest adding to the fun and festive environment.

While there’s always plenty to see and do at AirVenture—even as the light gets low—be sure to make time to get down to the south end of the field and experience aviation at its most fun and engaging at the Twilight Flight Fest.