AT6/SNJ/Harvard Pedal Plans


Let your children pedal around in style with their very own miniature airplane.  Includes full size patterns, parts list, step-by-step instructions.


This plan set includes full size patterns for all wood, sheetmetal parts, and dimension drawings for sheets fabricated parts. A parts list and step by step instructions are also included. Kit order forms are included for those who would like to have parts prebuilt and ready for assembly. A hardware and wheels kits, steel parts kits, sheetmetal parts kit, precut wood kits, spinner assembly and decal packages are all available.Display planes not for sale.  The additional supplies that you will need to purchase will have the information in the plan to buy  them from the supplier (Aviation Products) that creates the kit for the plan you purchased  or a list of what you need to purchase at the hardware store if you want to do it yourself.  Kit Prices Hardware - $62.00 Steel - $53.00 Decals - 45.00 Nose Bowl - $45.00 Aluminum Kit - $49.00 Windshield included in decals total $243.00

  • Full Size Step by Step instructions
  • Parts may be bought only from Aviation Products, not from EAA


AT6/SNJ/Harvard Pedal Plans

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