Timeless Voices of Aviation


Now you can watch Timeless Voices in your own home. This DVD, a compilation of personal histories featured in the EAA AirVenture Museum, includes 23 fascinating interviews with participants of EAA’s oral history project—Timeless Voices of Aviation. The production is the perfect blend of historical footage and timeless interviews highlighting stories of the past 100 years of powered flight. Jump into the cockpit with aviators of all backgrounds as they discuss topics ranging from their experiences in WWII, to aerobatics, to aircraft design, to racing, and more.
Aviators Featured are:
1.Joseph Anastasia - B-29 pilot during the Korean War
2.Bill Brennand - Goodyear-class racing pilot
3.Burt Rutan - Aircraft Designer
4.Charles McGee - Tuskegee Airman during WWII
5.Theodore Crichton - C-130 pilot during the Vietnam War
6.Harold "Hal" Weekley - B-17 pilot during WWII
7.Vi Cowden - Women Airforce Service Pilot during WWII
8.Mike Titre - P-47 pilot during WWII
9.Harold Fischer - F-86 pilot during the Korean War
10.Tom Seversen - B-24 and B-29 pilot during WWII
11.Fenwick "Fen" Lind - F4U Corsair pilot during WWII
12.Margaret Ringenberg - Women Airforce Service Pilot during WWII
13.Robert Martin - Tuskegee Airman during WWII
14.Allen Saunders - Air Transport Command pilot during WWII
15.Patty Wagstaff - Aerobatic champion and air show pilot
16.David Lee "Tex" Hill - American Volunteer Group "Flying Tigers" pilot during WWII
17.John Miller - 1930's barnstormer
18.Bill Disbrow - B-24 pilot during WWII
19.Robert "Hoot" Gibson - Astronaut
20.Robin Olds - P-38 and P-51 pilot during WWII
21.Jon Goldenbaum - A-1 Skyraider pilot during the Vietnam War
22.Connie Bowlin - Airline pilot
23.Roman Ohnemus - B-25 pilot during WWII

  • 23 interviews
  • Includes: Bill Brennand, Burt Rutan, Hal Weekly, and more


Timeless Voices of Aviation

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