Official EAA AirVenture DVD 2006


Fly-bys of the B-1 bomber and the Blue Angels
Burt Rutan and the future of aerospace travel
Performances by F-22 Raptors
The 50th anniversary of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk
The C-17 Globemaster
Air show performers including The Iron Eagles, Patty Wagstaff,
Mike Mancuso and Matt Chapman, The AeroShell Team,
Sean D. Tucker, Ten Sticks of Dynamite, and more
FAA certification of the first Very Light Jet
A WWII bomber reunion
The 75th anniversary of the Tiger Moth
The best in Homebuilt, Vintage, Ultralight and Warbird aircraft
and much more!
DVD bonus material includes the complete Mancuso/Chapman interview, excerpts from Theater in the Woods, and more!

  • Relive the highlights of past airventures!
  • Best of airshow performances
  • B-1 Bomber fly-by, Blue Angels fly-by, F-22 Raptor performance


Official EAA AirVenture DVD 2006

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