Official EAA AirVenture DVD 2008


The new Wittman Regional Airport control tower, Boeing Dreamlifter, Red Bull Helicopter, ICON’s new LSA , An exclusive look at the Martin Jetpack, the greatest air show performances in the world, a ride in a powered parachute, Rocket Racing League, Jon Sharp’s 3k speed record attempt, the 30,000th homebuilt aircraft, F-22 Raptors, electric-powered aircraft, Goodyear blimp, appearances by John Travolta, Harrison Ford, Arnold Palmer,and the musical groups Foreigner and Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band, examples of the best in Homebuilt, Vintage, Warbird,and Ultralight aircraft

  • Relive the highlights of past airventures!
  • Best of airshow performances
  • Martin Jet Pack, Powered Parachute Ride, ICON's new LSA


Official EAA AirVenture DVD 2008

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