Amelia Earhart


The life of Amelia Earhart, from learning to fly to setting records. 80 pages. For ages eight to twelve.


When she was eight years old, Amelia Earhart built a roller coaster and "flew" through the air. She loved to watch daredevil pilots fly loops in the sky. Amelia decided to pilot a plane herself and became one of the first women to learn to fly. She broke flight records and in 1932 was teh first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. The whole world admired her courage and daring. Amelia Earhart disappeared w hile trying to set a new record by flying all the way around the world at the equator, but her pioneer spirit inspired many others to follow in her path. 80 pages. For ages eight to twelve.

  • Paperback
  • Ages eight to twelve
  • Author John Parlin


Amelia Earhart

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