The Experimental Experience


248 pages by Richard Socash


THE EXPERIMENTAL EXPERIENCE *** From the first rivet, to the first flight, and through the first five years of flying, The Experimental Experience story is told in 248 pages and more than 235 pictures, diagrams, and official forms. *** Whether you are already involved in building an airplane, seriously considering it, or just curious about what’s involved, here’s answers to many of the questions that come up. Every builder eventually learns much of what’s in this book, and has his or her own set of experiences, but it sometimes can be a long and difficult process. Gathered together, in picture and text format, is a collection of ideas, experiences, and considerations relating to building an experimental airplane that come under the category of “Good things to know.” Learn this information ahead of time to make the work more efficient, cost effective, and enjoyable. *** In this book, the authors take the reader through the steps involved, from considerations and decisions on building to the information gathering stages; through purchases and construction activities to the paperwork, inspections, and technicalities of making an airplane airworthy and legal to fly. Follow along through the initial flights, final checkouts, and the rewarding adventures in the air. And finally, learn about condition inspections and routine maintenance. Take a trip from the first rivet, to the first flight, and through the first five years of flying. *** Well over ten thousand experimental airplanes (homebuilts) have been built and are flown by individuals from all walks of life. The Experimental Experience talks about what’s involved and what it takes. It’s not a book on how to do it. Rather, it’s a retelling of experiences and things to know that are part of the whole process. *** When one asks, “Could I build an airplane?”, many thoughts come to mind. One starts to imagine what it would be like to carry out a project of this sort. There’s feelings of doubt and the idea of a challenge, and most find themselves close to the starting point even after much thought and discussion. *** What tipped the authors to the “moving ahead side?” Getting rid of the fear of failing: If you are afraid of striking out, don’t go up to bat. A healthy dose of practical wisdom: Unless you try something, you’re forever destined to wonder, “What might have been?” *** For the authors, there was never a long considered goal of building an airplane and no eureka moment. The idea came from a chance happening, but once the seed was planted, it grew straight and strong. *** There are occasionally adventures in life that turn out better than expected. This was one of them.


The Experimental Experience

Category Technical
Format Paperback