Amateur-Built Certification Kit


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EAA's Amateur-Built Aircraft Certification Kit includes everything you need to register and certify a new experimental amateur-built aircraft. The 15-page, step-by-step Certification Guide walks you through the entire process-from getting an N number to the aircraft inspection-and provides samples of how to complete each required form.
EAA staff member and Amateur-Built DAR Joe Norris, who reviewed all of the materials included in the kit, commented, "Whenever I inspect an aircraft for certification, the paperwork is what causes delays more often than anything on the aircraft. This guide will make a homebuilder's inspection go a lot easier."

The certification kit also includes all FAA forms, Experimental sticker (in black), dataplate, and a convenient placard decal sheet.

  • 15 Pages
  • Step by step walkthrough to certifying your amateur built.


Amateur-Built Certification Kit

Category Technical
Format Paperback