Sky Ranch Engine Manual


A 497 page paperback book by Author John Schwaner.


Sky Ranch Engine Manual is the best and most thorough book available covering the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the Lycoming and Continental piston aircraft engine, including a very comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Why things go bad, how to repair them, and most important; how to keep them from failing in the first place.This book was formerly titled "Engineering" manual but changed to express that while this book is technically complete, it is a clear and understandable, written for the pilot and power plant mechanic but not in any sense requiring an engineering background.


* Diagnosing engine failures

* engine operation

* how metal fatigue affects engine life 

* torsional engine vibrations and engine balance

* flow porting and its effect on engine performance

* lubrication and wear in your engine

* an engineering approach to cylinder repair

* and more

  • Author John Schwaner
  • 497 pages
  • 2nd edition
  • Paperback


Sky Ranch Engine Manual

Category Technical
Format Paperback