Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft


184 page paperback book by Author Vaughan Askue.


You’ve invested time, effort, and money in building your dream airplane. You’ve learned many new things such as riveting, welding, fabric, wiring, instruments, avionics and construction in composites. So now what? It’s time to learn a whole new discipline: flight testing. The new Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft, an updated and improved version of the 1992 edition, is designed to give you the techniques and tools to help you flight test your creation. Even if you bring in a more experienced pilot to make the first couple of flights, this book will help you to work with them to agree on the best way to develop your aircraft.

Specifically it will help you:

• Develop a useable envelope as safely and efficiently as possible.

• Define your aircraft’s limitations.

• Identify and fix the problems that often crop up in even well proven designs.

• Learn the characteristics of your airplane so you can get the most out of it.

• Become a more precise and knowledgeable pilot.


  • Author Vaughan Askue
  • 184 pages
  • 2nd edition copyright 2015
  • Paperback


Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft

Category Technical
Format Paperback