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EAA Barnstorming Deals

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Thank you for your interest in EAA Barnstorming Deals, your ticket to exclusive offers from EAA Preferred Suppliers! Below is a preview of this month's offer. You must be an EAA member to access these exclusive deals.

EAA is launching a new hotel benefit and we have it narrowed down to two platforms--Local Hospitality and Hotel Engine. EAA needs your help in selecting a platform. Over the next three months, please evaluate rates on both platforms and pick the offer(s) that best suit your needs. Over the trial period, we'll contact you periodically to request your feedback on each platform.

Save over 60% off published rates on 600,000+ hotels worldwide!

Local Hospitality and Hotel Engine offer rates too low to publish on a publicly accessible website. Please login to our site as a member to view these rates.

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