Ford Partner Recognition

EAA's Ford X-Plan Partner Recognition Program is a special savings opportunity developed exclusively for EAA members. It offers you the ability to purchase or lease eligible vehicles at EAA member pricing.

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EAA Sport Aviation

One of EAA’s most popular member benefits is EAA Sport Aviation, the award-winning monthly magazine that covers the full spectrum of association activity.

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EAA Flight Advisors

EAA's Flight Advisors program is designed to increase sport aviation safety by developing a corps of volunteers who have demonstrated expertise in specific areas of flying and making them available to EAA members who may be preparing to fly an unfamiliar aircraft.

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Individual Membership

Your Individual membership makes you a part of the passionate EAA Family and gives access to EAA-Exclusive benefits. Membership also gives you thousands of opportunities to go flying at local aviation events, participate at your local EAA chapter, and give youngsters their very first flight.

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Benefits & Discounts

From benefits like EAA Insurance Solutions and EAA Finance Solutions to EAA Webinars and EAA Technical Counselors we have something for everyone with an interest in  aviation! 

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ASTC Passport Program

EAA members can enjoy more than 300 museum and science centers worldwide free of charge, thanks to a partnership with the Association of Science-Technology Centers and its ASTC Travel Passport Program.

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Warbirds of America

"Keep 'em Flying": That’s the motto - and the mission - of EAA Warbirds of America, the EAA division that provides programs and services to those interested specifically in former military aircraft.

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Take a Free EAA Eagle Flight®

Take to the skies with a free introductory flight and discover the next steps toward becoming a pilot.

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Find a Flight Advisor

EAA Flight Advisors can help you find the right path to get you flying efficiently and, most importantly, safely.

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Next Steps After Plane is Built

You've finally achieved your dream of building your own airplane. Here are some resources that will help you fly safely or sell your airplane.

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Soaring Society of America, Inc.

To fly as the hawk and eagle has been mankind's dream for centuries. Modern sailplanes make soaring flight possible…

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Getting Started

Register as an ultralight student or pilot and discover the types of ultralights you can have fun in!

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Become a Sport Pilot

Affordable, achievable, and fun! Experience the freedom of flight as a sport pilot.

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Join Warbirds

Warbirds of America membership connects you with other enthusiasts, restorers, and pilots.

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Join VAA

VAA membership connects you with other enthusiasts, restorers, and pilots.

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Join IAC

IAC membership connects you with other enthusiasts, builders, pilots, and competitors.

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Connect With Aviators

Your local EAA chapter allows you to share your interest with thousands of other members in a variety of different events and activities, including fly-ins, picnics, workshops, Young Eagles rallies, and more.

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Start a Chapter

All you need to start is enthusiasm, an interest in aviation, and the desire to share this interest with other people in your community.

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Chapter Insurance Program

EAA’s Chapter General Liability Insurance Program protects chapters, their members, officers, directors, and volunteers from alleged negligence. Participation in this insurance program is mandatory for all chapters located in the United States and Canada. A policy limit of $1 million to $3 million is available.

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Leadership Academy

Interactive workshop weekends in Oshkosh focused on topics important to chapter leaders.  

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10 Flight For the Year Recognition

Each pilot who flies 10 or more Young Eagles during a calendar year will receive a custom lapel pin and will earn Young Eagles credits that can be used to help offset the cost of sending a young person to an EAA Air Academy session in Oshkosh or assist their local Young Eagles and youth outreach programs.

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Calendar of Events

With more than 1,000 listings, EAA’s calendar of events is the most comprehensive listing of aviation activities found anywhere online.

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AirVenture Schedule of Events

Fill up your itinerary and sort through thousands of forums, workshops, special events, and much more for AirVenture 2015.

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Multiple Venues

With more than 1,600 acres and 26 venues to choose from, we are sure to show you a space that will make your vision come to life. Our unique atmosphere is sure to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

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Multiple Venues

With more than 1,600 acres and 26 venues to choose from, we are sure to show you a space that will make your vision come to life. Our unique atmosphere is sure to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

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Spirit of Aviation Mobile Experience

We promote a culture of education, safety, and camaraderie and provide you with opportunities to enjoy aviation, no matter what your level of interest.

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EAA Sport Aviation

One of EAA’s most popular member benefits, the award-winning monthly magazine covers the full spectrum of association activity.

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Aviation Job Search

Whether you’re looking for a job in the industry, wondering what careers are available, or just looking for a professional change of pace, you’ll find that there is a job to fit every unique person.

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EAA’s scholarship program encourages, recognizes and supports excellence among those studying the technologies and the skills of aviation. These annual scholarships help outstanding students who demonstrate financial need to accomplish their goals.

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This Month's Wallpaper

Your computer takes flight each month when you download desktop wallpaper featuring unique aircraft and vivid imagery. Download your favorite today!

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B-17 Tour Stops

Join us for an unforgettable experience aboard one of the few remaining airworthy B-17s in the world. You won’t want to miss Aluminum Overcast when it visits an airport near you!

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Tri-Motor Tour Stops

Climb aboard one of the first mass-produced airliners and step back in time to aviation’s golden age. A flight on EAA’s Ford Tri-Motor is a flight back to an era where air travel was considered a luxury.

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Visit Pioneer Airport

From May through October, Pioneer Airport gives visitors a unique “living history” re-creation of what airports were like during the early days of air travel. It brings back a time when the magic of flying astounded and charmed the whole world. 

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Your Flight Experience

The biggest question on your mind might be, “So what should I expect on my flight?” Get a glimpse at what you’ll experience when you take your EAA Eagle FlightTM.

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Your Flight Experience

The biggest question on your mind might be, “So what should I expect on my flight?” Get a glimpse at what you’ll experience when you take your Young Eagles® flight.

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News Releases

Get all the official news surrounding EAA and its programs.

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Paul Poberezny

Paul Poberezny came from humble beginnings, yet he emerged as one of the 20th century's greatest aviation leaders, creating a worldwide aviation organization and the world's largest annual fly-in event, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Tribute Opportunities

Special places like the museum’s Founders Wing and other campus tribute areas like the Brown Arch, Compass Hill, and Memorial Wall combine to give wings to countless aviation dreams and accomplishments. Leave your legacy or that of your loved ones for all who visit Oshkosh to see.

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Win a brand new Van's RV-12!

This is your chance to win a beautiful, brand-new Van's RV-12. This striking aircraft, painted Tahoe Blue, will remind you just why you love to fly. Enter now to win!

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Advertise in Sport Aviation

EAA Sport Aviation contains the broadest editorial content and coverage for recreational aviation today - introductions to new aircraft and innovations, the latest aviation products and services, hands-on and personal experience in the nuts and bolts of aircraft ownership, and so much more.

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Why Exhibit?

AirVenture enables our commercial partners to have an unmatched forum to present their products and services to the most passionate aviation consumers.

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Join us and be a part of this tradition of excellence, while helping us continue to provide high quality programs and services to our members and visitors.

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Outreach Guidelines

EAA's Community Outreach Guidelines to help coordinate and maximize offerings by providing a defined approach to responding to requests for support of community events; developing a fair and easy process to identify, evaluate, and support efforts of the non-profit community; and developing a process that allows for tracking and quantifying impact.

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Making a Difference

Volunteers believe people can make a difference and are willing to prove it.  Volunteers have been the heart of EAA accomplishments since its inception in 1953.

Volunteer at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

Volunteer Center
Not sure where you want to volunteer? EAA’s Volunteer Center is the perfect place for you to start! The Volunteer Center is the place to look for volunteer opportunities during AirVenture Oshkosh. All you need to do is stop by and they will help match you with the perfect opportunity. The Volunteer Center is a small building in Camp Scholler located on Schaick Ave across from the parking lot of the red barn camp store.

The Volunteer Center opens mid-July and will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Questions can be directed to at any time.


EAA is looking for members who are passionate and knowledgeable about our chapters, to volunteer at AirVenture! Volunteers will be needed to help staff EAA’s Blue Barn, the home for chapters and Young Eagles, and the EAA Member Center.

Duties will include sharing of chapter best practices, encouraging participation in chapters, educating attendees on how to join a chapter, and helping attendees answer any questions pertaining to chapters. Volunteers will be needed July 21 to July 30. Shifts will run from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 12:30pm to 4:30pm.

If you are interested in sharing your passion and knowledge of EAA Chapters sign up here!

Volunteer Kitchen
We are in need of some dedicated volunteers to help in the Volunteer Kitchen. Volunteers in this area prepare and serve meals to all volunteers the week prior to AirVenture through the conclusion of AirVenture. If you would rather work alone, we also have need for individuals to help with washing dishes. We ask that you are able to volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours. Assistance is needed throughout each day.

Please contact Erin Hartse at or 612-275-9321if interested in volunteering with the Volunteer Kitchen.

The Trams team is in need of volunteers. Drivers are volunteers that drive the trams on specific routes around the site. Experience driving tractors or similar equipment may be helpful for tram drivers but is not required. Must have a current driver’s license and be a minimum of 21 years old. Conductors are volunteers that ride on the back of the trams to give directions and provide general event information to passengers. Safety volunteers are located at busy stops and direct people to the right area and keep the area safe. For all volunteer positions, experience required is: knowledge of the AirVenture grounds, assisting handicapped individuals using the tram, and well as friendly demeanor. Shifts available are 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Please contact Gene Zorn at if interested in volunteering with the Trams team.

AirVenture National Park

Volunteers are needed to assist Rangers in describing to AirVenture attendees the various national parks that commemorate the development of aviation and to distribute park related literature. Training will be provided and the only skills are an interest in the national parks and a desire to share that interest with the public. There are two positions available each day, 1000-1400 hours.

Please contact Cliff Chetwin, 702-320-6264 or for more information.

Forums Hosts

Forums Hosts are always looking for volunteers, particularly in the last few days of AirVenture. We greet, and assist, the presenters in the Forums area. You can volunteer with us as much or as little as your schedule and preference allow. It is a fun way to meet interesting Forums speakers and hear their presentations, contribute to the continued success of AirVenture, and make some new friends among the many volunteers who help us each year. No experience needed.

Please contact Keith Anderson, the Forums Hosts Chair, at if interested in volunteering with the Forums Host area.

Security/Auto Parking
The Security/Auto Parking team is looking for volunteers to assist guests with parking cards in all lots. Volunteers will also assist with traffic direction. No prior experience needed, just the ability to follow lot supervisor instructions.

If interested, please contact John Pierce at or 608-852-0251.

Main Gate North
The primary function of the EAA Main Gate North building is to sell admissions and memberships to arriving guests. Most volunteers will operate a computer/cash register using software that walks you through the transactions. This position requires training (online and onsite). Familiarity with basic computer operation and keyboarding as well as handling money and credit card transactions is needed to feel comfortable in this position. This is a fast-paced operation. The training (online video and one-on-one) will help you understand the policies and procedures you will need for this position. You will work in a building that is open on all sides to the elements. You should enjoy talking to people and making them feel welcome.

Other volunteers will assist in managing the queue directing guests to open windows to make their purchase(s). On-site training is offered for these positions. You will be working outside on a paved area. You should enjoy talking to people.

Other volunteers will staff a small information building. You will direct visitors and answer questions. Having a knowledge of EAA, aviation and the AirVenture grounds will be very helpful here. If you do not know the answer, we will teach you where to direct someone to find the answer. Again, you should enjoy talking to people.

If you are interested, please send an email to including your name, mailing address, email address, phone number and any special interests as well as questions. An online scheduling website will be available in June to sign up for specific times. Due to the amount of time required for training, we request a minimum time commitment of 12 hours during AirVenture 2017.

Member Affinity Benefits (MAB)
EAA Member Affinity Benefits is looking for volunteers with customer service skills who have a basic understanding of EAA Member Affinity Benefits (; insurance, finance, car rental discounts, museum passport, etc.) to answer questions, encourage use, and collect testimonials on use of EAA Member Affinity Benefits. 3-5 volunteers are needed for daily support throughout the week of convention. Training will be provided.

If interested, please contact Cory Puuri, 920-426-6875 or

AirVenture Admissions Sales – Evening Shift

Greet AirVenture attendees from around the world and have fun, while using an easy to learn computer system to sell admissions and memberships. Must enjoy working with people and be comfortable with basic cash handling procedures. Training will be provided in video and peer to peer format. Help is needed Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All shifts are from 3pm to 9pm.

If interested, email Chairman Tony Porter, at

Federal Pavilion
Come and volunteer in EAA’s “One Stop Shopping” location for EAA members and guests to interact with all US and Bahamas Federal Government Agencies, except FAA and NASA. Volunteers will work with National Park Service staff to operate 1903 Wright Flyer simulator; assist people getting into and out of simulator and explain how the simulator controls work. Volunteer shifts are available every day 9:30 a.m.-1 and 1 p.m.-5.  No other skills needed besides the desire to interact with AirVenture participants and interest in Wright Brothers!

If interested, please contact Cliff Chetwin at or 505-466-1287.

Departure Briefing
Come join the Departure Briefing Crew. It’s time well spent on the flight line and any pilot or aviation enthusiast would enjoy helping out. Pilots departing AirVenture are expected to have downloaded or received the EAA AirVenture NOTAM which is required reading for any pilot’s pre-flight preparation. As briefers, we explain the ground departure procedures while we reinforce the importance of knowing the departure part of the NOTAM. There are nine locations where departure briefings are given and we also have several “roaming” briefers on scooters and utility vehicles. We ask that you volunteer to work at least 3 shifts during AirVenture.

Please contact Elton Eisele at: if you have questions about Departure Briefing.

Blue Angels Hospitality Tents

EAA will be hosting the U.S. Navy’s very own Blue Angels this year! These performances require local residents to leave their homes, apartments, and businesses during show times. EAA provides hospitality tents so these residents can relax and enjoy the show. Volunteers will help serve snacks and beverages and make sure our guests are comfortable and enjoying their time at AirVenture. We are in need of 9-12 volunteers to help on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

If interested, please contact Dan Parker via phone: 920-279-6564 or email:

Please note: Additional area opportunities will continue to be posted. Check back with us often for more exciting opportunities

Interested in volunteering year-round? Check out our year-round opportunities at EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.