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EAA Partners with Flite Test STEM!

Flite Test Stem

FT STEM provides a set of foundational lessons to educators and EAA chapters alike to enhance youth engagement. Chapters can use FT STEM materials and lesson content in their chapter youth programs and Young Eagle events.

What is FT STEM?

Think of FT STEM as the gateway to the world of flight. Our K-12 curriculum teaches science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles through hands-on aircraft activities. FT STEM stresses critical 21st-century skills such as communication and teamwork developed through our engineering and design thinking model. The world of radio-controlled (R/C) flight teaches valuable lessons that generate excitement, innovation, and creativity empowering students to reach new heights in their learning and connect them to the possibilities within the field of aviation.


FT STEM Supports EAA Chapters and Young Eagles

EAA chapters can more effectively engage students with these tools and ideas while helping to promote learning and aviation and opening the door to the practices of engineering and design literacy. EAA also gives chapters the opportunity to purchase Aviore gliders at a discounted rate.

Introduced at AirVenture 2017, Aviore is the new super hero introduced by EAA and the Stan Lee Foundation to help launch Young Eagles towards the next 25 years. With upcoming comic books, software, model planes and personal appearances, Aviore will become a big part of what Young Eagles and your chapters have to offer. For more information, visit www.aviore.org.

Purchase Aviore Gliders

Check out our free lesson downloads and see which activities will resonate with your chapter or at your next Young Eagles rally.


Lower Elementary Lesson:

Control Surface Effect
Time: 30-45 Minutes
Young Eagles are introduced to the basics of flight while creating lesson designed Aviore chuck gliders.

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Upper Elementary:

The Sparrow's Egg
Time: 60-90 Minutes
Young Eagles engineer and design an onboard egg carrying device for the FT Sparrow aircraft, take the concept of the egg drop challenge to another level!

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FT-STEM-Simple Wing Design
Middle School:

Simple Wing Design
Time: 120-180 Minutes
Young Eagles engineer and design a new wing to test on their remote controlled FT Simple Cub aircraft.

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High School:

Micro FT Gremlin
Time: 120-240 Minutes
Young Eagles are introduced to the basics of flight of multirotors while building the famous micro FT Gremlin indoor race quad.

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Check out our K-12 Curriculum Overview

FT STEM provides four sets of combined grade level appropriate curriculum overviews for FREE that communicate suggested unit-lesson implementation, associated National STEM Standards, and Flite Test products to help guide and support future class planning opportunities for educators. Flite Test is proud to announce that the FT STEM curriculum is being used not only in the USA, but in Germany, Australia, and other countries due to the main standard adoption, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). Teachers interested in trying FT STEM for FREE, should enroll by visiting our curriculum page.

Curriculum Supplies

The Flite Test product line integrates easily within the FT STEM curriculum. EAA Chapters can purchase the Aviore gliders required for the Control Surface Effect STEM activity at a discounted rate using the button below. Enrolled teachers receive 30% off DIY airplanes, multirotors, and curriculum accessories. When students push further into the curriculum, teachers will have access to 20% off all electronics to accommodate their students' design needs.

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Contact support@ftstem.com for curriculum implementation support and more info!