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You must be an EAA Lifetime Member to become a Vintage Lifetime Member.

Your Vintage Lifetime membership makes you part of an exclusive group of aviators who have chosen to act as stewards of recreational aviation and the backbone of EAA’s and VAA’s mission to support the passionate pursuit of flight.

Vintage Lifetime Members lead by example through their demonstrated dedication to aviation’s future.  And with their help and yours, Vintage can preserve the unwavering spirit of more than a century of aviation pioneers, innovators and heros.

Where the FUN isBy demonstrating your commitment to aviation as a Vintage Lifetime Member, you’ll be rewarded with all the great benefits of Individual Membership plus the exclusive benefits only Lifetime Members receive:

  • A personalized VAA Life Member jacket
  • A personalized VAA Lifetime Member card
  • A personalized VAA Lifetime Member plaque
  • Official VAA Lifetime Member propeller paperweight.
  • VAA Lifetime Membership pin and decals
  • Listed as a VAA Lifetime Member alongside your fellow Lifetime Members

But more importantly, you’ll receive the knowledge and pride that you’re contributing to the future of flight and expressing an unsurpassed dedication to aviation.

As you already know, the EAA Vintage Aircraft Association is the world’s premier organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of vintage aircraft.

$975 Become a Vintage Aircraft Association Lifetime Member*

Show your lifetime commitment and passion to preserving and enjoying Antique, Classic, and Contemporary aircraft by becoming a Lifetime Member* of the Vintage Aircraft Association! Learn more.

*EAA Lifetime Membership in good standing is required when applying for VAA Lifetime Membership.

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Thank you for your membership, enhancing your participation in and enjoyment of recreational aviation. Now, here is an opportunity to take your love of aviation a step further. Please join us in channeling our shared passion for aviation into a meaningful aviation legacy. Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference today And will serve as an investment in aviation’s future. Our role includes using recreational aviation to inspire youth, preserving aviation’s proud history, And promoting its innovations and achievements. Thanks to generous donations from like-minded individuals like you, we're able to strengthen our legacy to aviation, and aviation’s legacy to the world.

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