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Why do our members restore and fly ex-military aircraft? Why do our members go to great lengths to save one aircraft from extinction?

Quite simply, it's about the preservation of military aviation history and to tell a story. To see a warbird displayed in a museum brings a sense of wonder. But to experience the presence of a warbird with all of the senses is awe-inspiring. To touch it, to see it in flight, to experience flight, to hear the roar of the engine is nothing short of exhilarating.

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International Aerobatic Club

This EAA community is passionate about this kind of flying, and dedicated to safely enjoying aerobatics in a spirt of fair play and sportsmanship.


This EAA community is a passionate steward of the history of aviation, and dedicated to preserving, promoting, and sharing that history with like-minded people from around the world


This EAA community provides programs and services to those interested specifically in former military aircraft. Quite simply, it's about the preservation of military aviation history and to tell a story.

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Thank you for your membership, enhancing your participation in and enjoyment of recreational aviation. Now, here is an opportunity to take your love of aviation a step further. Please join us in channeling our shared passion for aviation into a meaningful aviation legacy. Your tax-deductible gift will make a difference today And will serve as an investment in aviation’s future. Our role includes using recreational aviation to inspire youth, preserving aviation’s proud history, And promoting its innovations and achievements. Thanks to generous donations from like-minded individuals like you, we're able to strengthen our legacy to aviation, and aviation’s legacy to the world.

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