EAA Flying and Glider Manual Five-Volume Set

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In the late 1920s, the publishers of Modern Mechanics and Inventions created an annual booklet that came to be known as the Flying and Glider Manual. Published from 1929 to 1933, these annuals contained articles of interest to aircraft homebuilders, including detailed drawings and plans. This set collects all five volumes, from 1929-1933.


The 1929 EAA Flying Manual contains information on flying lessons, plus details on building the Heath Super Parasol, Russell-Henderson Light Monoplane and an easy-to-build glider.


The 1930 EAA Flying and Glider Manual includes plans for building a Heath Baby Bullet, a set of light metal floats, articles on building the Northrop Glider, Lincoln Biplane, and an Alco Sportplane. This issue also contains a number of other articles featuring tips on building and welding.


The 1931 EAA Flying and Glider Manual includes articles on building the Longster, Georgia’s Special, a Driggs Dart, the Church Midwing, the Heath Parasol Seaplane, and a number of gliders.


The 1932 EAA Flying and Glider Manual includes features on building the Pietenpol Air Camper with a Ford engine conversion, a Powell P-H Racer, the Heath Super Soar Glider, a Penguin “practice airplane”, the Ramsey Flying Bathtub and other designs. This issue also includes a guide to building your own hangar.


The 1933 EAA Flying and Glider Manual includes features that cover building the Gere Sport Biplane, Pietenpol floats, a Pietenpol Sky Scout, and the Henderson Longster. In addition, there are details about the Long Harlequin engine, a hydroglider, and building your propellers.

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