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Gifts for Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts

Start your holiday shopping early and check out our selection of unique gifts in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide.
With items like apparel, jewelry, home décor, and more, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast on your list.

aviation themed gifts

Pilot Gifts for Her

EAA Columbia Women's Sherpa Fleece Jacket

"Want to feel like you’re wearing a blanket? This jacket does the trick. Our Columbia full-zip jacket is perfect for staying warm, cozy, and fashionable on those chilly winter days."

"Just Plane Crazy" Ponytail Trucker Hat

"Know someone who’s just plane crazy? This is the perfect hat for them! Put your enthusiasm for aviation on display with this comfortable trucker hat. "

Triple Stripe Oshkosh Fly-In Sweatshirt

"Even inside EAA headquarters, we can’t escape the cold winter air. Our staff’s most popular hoodie will have you as warm as a July summer day at AirVenture. "

yellow yeti coffee mug with handle and classic eaa logo 

Yeti Mug 20oz Travel - Heritage Logo

"Whether in your car or airplane, keep your drinks hot when you’re on the go with this Yeti tumbler. Its secure lid and handle keep your drinks safe, even on a bumpy road or flight!"

Stackable "Fly, Sleep, Repeat" Stamped Leather Bracelet

"The pilot life is simple. Fly, sleep, repeat! This comfortable leather snap bracelet shows off your love for aviation in a stylish way."

white and blue clutch purse with runway print 

Runway Fabric Wristlet

"Our airport runway with its colored dots is one of the most memorable parts of flying in to Oshkosh. This wristlet, featuring a design of our runway, ensures your items stay secure — even when landing on the green dot."

women's aqua blue seaplane base t-shirt 

"Slice of Paradise" Seaplane Base T-Shirt

"AirVenture visitors love our Seaplane Base — we call it our slice of paradise. Keep your EAA pride afloat with this Seaplane Base T-shirt. “Sea” what we did there?"

aviation themed directional wood sign 

Ornament Multidirectional Sign

"There are so many cool stops around our AirVenture grounds it can be hard to pick a favorite. This handcrafted wooden ornament features some of our most iconic locations for you to display on your tree. "

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Pilot Gifts for Him

Top Gun Fighters T-Shirt

"Graduate with Maverick and Goose with this Top Gun class of ‘86 T-shirt. You’ll be sure to win the Top Gun trophy when wearing this shirt!"

Sea Blue USA Flag Cap AirVenture 2022

"Be prepared to get outside and enjoy the warm days of summer once they return with this USA flag cap with mesh sides."

Long Sleeve Dress Shirt w/EAA Logo

"Whether you are giving a presentation, meeting with a client, or having a nice meal with your spouse, this long-sleeved dress shirt will keep you cool and comfortable in any situation."

EAA Heritage Logo Crew Socks

"Step into the new year and showcase your EAA pride with these comfortable crew socks."

EAA Oshkosh Camo Military Backpack

"The outdoorsman on your list would love this camo backpack with lots of room for anything they may need during their flying adventures."

EAA BenShot Airplane Propeller Rocks Glass

"Locally made in Wisconsin, this one-of-a-kind rocks glass, featuring a spinnable metal aircraft propeller, is the perfect addition to any bar."

RealFlight 9.5S RC Flight Simulator

"Whether you’re new to RC airplanes or have been flying for years, this RealFlight RC flight simulator is one of the best on the market. Hone your skills and try new maneuvers with this fully equipped kit."

Gunslingers: Allied Fighter Boys of WWII

"This hardcover book offers a rare glimpse into the transformation of farm boys into ace fighter pilots during World War II. You will gain an understanding and ultimate respect for these pilots as you read each of their stories and actual combat records, and learn what it was like to fly and operate a variety of frontline flyers during WWII."

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Aviation Gifts for Kids

InAir E-Z Build F-16 Falcon Thunderbirds Model Kit

"Highly detailed and easily assembled in about 10 minutes, the F-16 Falcon Thunderbirds model is perfect for young aviation enthusiasts to proudly display in their room."

toy top gun maverick p51d mustang model airplane kit 

Cobi Top Gun P-51D Mustang

"Curious little aviators will love the opportunity to build their very own Mustang P-51D model — a scale model of the historic aircraft the main character in Top Gun: Maverick prides himself in flying."

Sweatshirt Toddler A&A Museum Planes 1/2 Zip

"Help your kids be ready for those brisk spring mornings with this comfortable half-zip sweatshirt. And even cooler than those mornings, it features aircraft we have at the museum!"

Baby Pilot Earflap Hat

"Available in a variety of fun colors, this hat will keep your little one’s head nice and warm, even during the coldest of December mornings."

I Fly What's Your SuperpowerT-Shirt

"The must-have shirt for your child to showcase their love for aviation. And you can even pick one up for yourself in adult sizes! Help your child show off their superpowers."

Orange Junior Astronaut Costume

"Give your child an out-of-this-world gift with this orange junior astronaut jumpsuit and official NASA cap. They’ll be ready to blast off into whatever adventure their imagination has in store."

Sluban F-16C Falcon Fighter Jet

"Grow your child’s love of aviation with this buildable F-16C Falcon fighter jet set. From being played with in their hands to being displayed on a bookshelf, the F-16C Falcon is perfect for any little aviation enthusiast."

Snoopy Takes Off! - A Peanuts Book by Charles M. Schulz

"Take off into the wonderful and wacky imagination of Snoopy, and discover how everyone’s favorite beagle can become a World War I flying ace and author of the Great American Novel!"

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Aviator Bear Plush

"With a vintage-style pilot hat and scarf, this 12-inch aviator teddy bear is ready to join your child’s flight crew."

InAir E-Z B-17 Flying Fortress Model Kit

"This realistic model of the B-17 Flying Fortress is the perfect addition to any aviation enthusiast’s personal collection."

EAA Rocket Bottle Opener

"An out-of-this-world take on an essential bar accessory!"

Combat Action Military Playset

"Tanks, aircraft, warships, buildings, bunkers, and soldiers — oh, my! Your child will enjoy the endless possibilities contained within this easy-to-carry bucket."

Plus-Plus Lunar Lander

"Encourage your child’s imagination with the Plus-Plus lunar lander and the endless building possibilities conceivable with one simple shape."

Smithsonian Spitfire Glider

"Easy to assemble and fun to fly, this Spitfire glider is rubber band powered and sure to provide hours of aviation fun. "

Rockets 100-Piece Puzzle by Eurographics

"The perfect activity for family night, this 100-piece interstellar puzzle will delight and educate your family."

Claire Bear Flies To Oshkosh

"Join Claire Bear to experience everything offered at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the world’s greatest aviation celebration, including an exhilarating aerobatic performance."

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EAA Winter Hat & Scarf

"The perfect combo of winter style and aviation enthusiasm! This cozy bundle will keep you warm on any winter excursion."

EAA Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Blanket

"This generously sized blanket is Wisconsin winter approved and will keep any pilot, or co-pilot, warm and cozy."

eaa coffee mug 

EAA White and Red Mug

"A classic way to show your spirit of aviation throughout the day!"

Nighttime Airshow & Fireworks at EAA 1000-Piece Puzzle

"As you piece together the nighttime air show, you can almost feel the grass below you and hear the fireworks explode above you. This box holds the missing pieces to relive some of the best moments at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh."

The Final Mission
By Chris Henry with Hal Bryan

"This is more than just another book about an aircraft. These collected stories invite you on a journey to learn how Aluminum Overcast touched the lives of the generation who built and flew it, and how being reunited with it reveals memories and feelings that have been buried for decades."

EAA Brown Arch Snow Globe

"Finally, a snow globe for those who believe in the magic of AirVenture! "

1/2 ZZip Oshkosh Runway Sweatshirt - A&A

"Certainly not your typical sweatshirt! This cozy half-zip sweatshirt features the famous EAA AirVenture Oshkosh runway and sets the stage for a fun conversation starter."

Sweatshirt Sherpa FZ Hoody EAA Badge

"The soft, fuzzy inside of this Sherpa hoodie is guaranteed to be a hit for any pilot on your list!"

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Luggage Tag - Planetags P-51K Mustang - LE

"Made from the wings of a restored P-51 Mustang, 44-12852, now known as Frenesi, each PlaneTag is a unique part of airplane “skin.” Own a piece of aviation history, and make your travel luggage or daily keychain stand out."

Luggage Tag - Planetags NASA MLP-2 Rocket Blasted Steel LE

"Fit a piece of space history in your pocket. This PlaneTag is made from original metal from NASA’s MLP-2 launch platform, which was used in the Apollo and space shuttle programs. This truly unique item (only 20,000 made worldwide!) makes a great addition to any luggage or set of keys."

12oz Fly Good, Don't Suck Candle

"Words to live by for any pilot! This candle smells great and is a perfect reminder for any pilot in your life to fly good and don’t suck."

EAA BenShot Airplane Propeller Pint Glass

"Our team’s favorite pint glass for post-AirVenture celebrations! Started by a father and son here in Wisconsin, BenShot creates these high-quality propeller glasses that are perfect behind the bar or in the hangar — after a day of flying, of course. "

The Aviators Tavern Collection by Godinger: Airplane Double-Walled Ice Bucket

"Insulate your ice in this nickel-plated airplane bucket. This is an especially useful product during a hot July in Oshkosh — we’ve heard it makes a perfect addition to your AirVenture campsite."

B-25 Berlin Express Planeskin Necklace

"A truly unique favorite is from our own B-25 Mitchell, Berlin Express. Famous for its star turn in the Hollywood film Catch-22, the aircraft now tours the country to inspire a new generation of aviation enthusiasts. This handmade necklace, complete with paint chips and other hard-won imperfections of the B-25, is a great addition to any outfit."

Wall Decor with Airplanes

"A truly unique piece of home décor — made right here in Wisconsin! This wooden wall art is handmade from a local company out of Milwaukee and would make a great addition to any living room or office."

Exclusive EAA Tom Newsom Print - Christmas Dream

"Who knew Santa liked to build warbird models? These art prints were made specifically for EAA by artist Tom Newsom. Truly one of a kind!"

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Flight Outfitters STOL Bush Pilot Jacket

"This comfortable and tough Flight Outfitters jacket was created for the STOL Drag team and is a great way to show your love for this unique facet of aviation."

EAA Flight Outfitters Lift Flight Bag

"This flight bag is an essential for any pilot. With multiple organizer sections and room for both a headset and iPad, there’s no need to look elsewhere. "

Flight Outfitters Bush Pilot Survival Kit

"Be prepared for anything on your next flight with this 30-item survival kit from Flight Outfitters. Fits great in a flight bag or under the seat!"

Fly Like a Girl AirVenture Shirt

"A soft T-shirt that is bold and eye-catching — a perfect way to show off your aviation passion!"

EAA Flight Test Manual & Test Cards

"This should be on every homebuilder’s wish list! The manual and test cards will walk you through each test flight and help you create an operating handbook for your homebuilt."

Rock Your Wings Ornament

" Celebrate one of the many memories made at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Make sure you rock this ornament before landing on your tree! "

EAA Pilot Logbook

"Designed for student or aspiring pilots, this logbook flies above the rest, with pages dedicated to pre-solo entries and solo flight entries."

sportplane builder construction manual 

The Sportplane Builder

"Thinking about building your own aircraft? Start with this book! It’s written by an experienced builder for first-time builders. The easy-to-follow instructions, accompanied by pictures, will give you the confidence to finish your own aircraft."

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World's Okayest Pilot T-shirt

"Perfect for anyone who is just okay at flying, this T-shirt makes it clear you won’t be nailing that landing. "

Men's Warplane Nose Art Camouflage Underwear

"When paired with our warbird socks, these men’s briefs really help to complete the full look. Who doesn’t want warbird underwear?"

Warplane Nose Art Camouflage Socks

"You won’t dread getting socks for Christmas when they look this cool! Our warbird socks feature P-40 nose art with a matching camouflage pattern. "

EAA Airplane 4-Port USB Hub

"Keep your cords organized with this plane USB hub. A gift nobody asked for but still very practical! "

Male Jet Pilot String Doll Keychain

"Quirky and cute, this pilot string doll keychain is a great addition to a set of keys or pilot bag."

World’s Okayest Pilot Kitchen Towel

"Know a pilot who is both the world’s okayest pilot and world’s okayest cook? This cotton kitchen towel cleans up messes and displays this proud pilot achievement for all to see. "

World's Okayest Pilot Car Coaster

"Keep your car’s cup holders dry with this car coaster made specifically for pilots who are just okay."

Coaster - World's Okayest Pilot

"After a long day of flying, enjoy a drink with your favorite pilot — and remind them with this coaster that they are the world’s okayest. "

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