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Pioneers of Flight

On December 17, 1903, at shortly after 10:30 a.m., Orville Wright made the first powered, controlled, and sustained airplane flight in history - watched by his brother Wilbur. It was a moment that changed the history of the world.

The first major exhibit encountered by visitors is EAA’s tribute to the genius of the Wright Brothers – a highly accurate replica of the Wright Flyer, surrounded by exhibits and audio-visual displays telling their story.

Over a four-year period, the Wright Brothers had patiently unlocked the secrets of flight, while working at the forefront of international science and technology while running a bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio. They experimented to uncover important new aerodynamic information, then designed and built the world's first practical airplane.

Their story of ingenuity, discovery and perseverance has been an inspiration to airplane designers and builders ever since.

1912 Bates Monoplane

The 1912 Bates Monoplane was built by Carl S. Bates at Cicero Field near Chicago. Bates was a farm boy from Clear Lake, Iowa, who became ... Read More

1912 Curtiss A-1 Pusher 'Sweetheart' - N24034

Built in the Glen H. Curtiss shops at Hammondsport, New York, in 1912, the Curtiss Pusher Model E-8-75 was shipped to San Diego, Californ... Read More

1928 Monocoupe 113 - N7808

Don Luscombe built the first Monocoupe in 1926. Don wanted a more comfortable plane than his open cockpit “Jenny.” The Monoco... Read More

1930 Cessna CG-2 Glider

The Great Depression hit the aircraft industry in the U.S. hard and the Cessna Aircraft Co. was no exception.

Read More
Rasor 21 Balloon Basket

In 1909, at age 50, Warren Rasor achieved his ambition to own and operate a balloon. Throughout his life, Warren acquired a total of seve... Read More

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