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Pioneer Airport

From May through October, a short tram ride from the museum takes you to Pioneer Airport, a unique “living history” re-creation of what airports were like during the early days of air travel. It brings back a time when the magic of flying astounded and charmed the whole world.

More than 50 vintage airplanes are displayed in seven period hangars designed to take you back to aviation’s golden age of the 1920s and ‘30s. Fascinating displays include a tribute to the legendary air racer, designer, and builder Steve Wittman.

Younger visitors will enjoy a play area with swings and pedal planes. For kids aged between 8 and 17, a free Young Eagles airplane flight may be available.

Most important of all, Pioneer Airport is a place to savor the sights and sounds of vintage flying machines in their “natural habitat.”

Weather permitting, flights take place from Pioneer Airport’s grass runway every day during the season. You may also see demonstration flights from planes such as EAA’s replica of Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis and the stunning Pitcairn Mailwing biplane once flown by Howard Hughes.

Hours of Operation

Open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Pioneer Airport is closed for flights during EAA AirVenture, but the hangars are open for visitors to wander around.)

Open Saturday and Sunday in May, September and October, 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1911 Wright Flyer Model B Replica - N1911L

A flying copy of the a 1911 Wright Flyer Model B was donated in 2011 by EAA Chapter 610, New Carlisle, Ohio, which built the aircraft ove... Read More

1927 Swallow - N4028

EAA’s 1927 Swallow open-cockpit biplane is believed to be the oldest aircraft still available to the public for passenger rides.Read More

1928 Folkerts Henderson Highwing - 8902

The Folkerts Henderson Highwing is an early, one-of-a-kind homebuilt aircraft.

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1928 Waco 10 (ATO) 'Taperwing' - NC5814

The Waco 10 was developed in the mid-1920s, but was not the docile airplane designers had expected.

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1928 Waco CTO Taperwing - NC7527

The Waco Taperwing was designed near the end of the open cockpit biplane era of big, sleek, powerful aircraft.

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1929 Pheasant H-10 - NC151N

Started in Memphis, Missouri, in 1928, the Pheasant Aircraft Company moved to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in 1930 following the death of foun... Read More

1929 Curtiss-Wright Model B-2 Robin - N50H

Modifying and updating an antique aircraft must always be accomplished with great care and an understanding of structures.

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1929 Travel Air E-4000 - NC648H

EAA’s 1929 Travel Air E-4000 open-cockpit biplane (NC648H, serial number 1224) is among the last flying examples of the aircraft th... Read More

1930 Kreider-Reisner KR-21B - N954V

The Kreider-Reisner KR-21-B was a more powerful version of the popular KR-21-A trainer.

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1930 Lincoln PT-K - N275N

The Lincoln PT-K model was the next development of the Lincoln-Page PT, designed specifically as a flight training or low cost sport flyi... Read More

1930 Driggers 1-A - N891H

The Driggers A, “Sunshine Girl 3rd,” parasol monoplane is a classic 1930s homebuilt aircraft.

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1930 Pitcairn PA-7S Sport Mailwing - NC95W

The Pitcairn Mailwing’s beauty hides its role as a rugged workhorse aircraft.

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1933 Fairchild 24 Model C-8 - NC13191

The Fairchild 24 C-8 is a high-wing cabin monoplane with comfortable side-by-side seating for two.

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1933 Great Lakes 2T-1A Sport Trainer - N77RF

The Great Lakes Aircraft Company designed the 2T-1A Sport Trainer in 90 days.

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1936 Rider/Elmendorf R-5 'Jackrabbit' - NX264Y

Veteran California race plane builder Keith Rider built two new racers for the 1936 season that were essentially identical, the R-4 and t... Read More

1936 Aeronca C-3 Master - N16291

The two-seat Aeronca C-3 was dubbed the “flying bathtub” because of its unusual fuselage shape.

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1937 Mignet Pou du Ciel 'Flying Flea' - N43993

The ME2Y/HM20 Flying Flea was built primarily by the designer, Henri Mignet, during the summer of 1937.

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1937 Ryan SCW-145 - NC17372

T. Claude Ryan, an early aeronautical genius, first conceived of a revolutionary luxurious cabin aircraft in 1935.

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1937 Spartan 7W Executive - NC13993

The Spartan 7W Executive is a five-place all metal monoplane that features retractable landing gear and a luxurious interior.

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1938 Wittman Buttercup Model W - N18268

Steve Wittman designed and built Buttercup in 1938 and, over the years, it has featured a variety of innovations including - tapered rod ... Read More

1938 Rearwin 6000M 'Speedster' - N20741

The Speedster was designed by Noel Hockaday and Doug Webber in 1932 and designated Model 6000.

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1939 Waco ARE - NC20953

The Waco ARE is one of several different aircraft owned by the New York Daily News newspaper.

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1939 Haufe-Dale Hawk 2 - N18278

The Hawk 2 was constructed in 1939 by Walter Haufe and Leland Hanselman.

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1940 Funk B - NC24116

The Funk B is a high-wing monoplane designed for the $700 aircraft program of the 1930s.

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1940 Rearwin 8135 Cloudster - N4404W

The 1940 Rearwin Cloudster was donated to EAA in 2012 by Ed McKeown, EAA 212386/Vintage 32087, Village of Lakewood, Illinois.

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1941 Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro - N3908

The autogiro has some characteristics similar to an airplane, and some similar to a helicopter.

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1941 Ercoupe Model 415-C - NC28961

The Ercoupe 415-C was type certified as a non-spinnable aircraft. This low-winged cabin monoplane had side by side seating for two and wa... Read More

1941 Monocoupe 90AW 'Little Mulligan' - N38904

The Monocoupe 90 first appeared on the market in 1930. The Model 90 quickly proved to be a lively combination of soft, round curves that ... Read More

1942 de Havilland D.H.82C Tiger Moth - N667EA (CF-IVO)

EAA’s de Havilland D.H.82C Tiger Moth is one of the earliest aircraft in its collection, having been donated by Royal Canadian Air ... Read More

1949 Monocoupe 110 'Clipwing' Special - N15E

The Clipwing is a modified Monocoupe 110 with a wingspan shortened by 9 feet.

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