History Takes Flight

With a collection of more than 200 historic aircraft, the EAA Aviation Museum is a year-round destination, combining aviation's past with the promise of its exciting future.

Antiques & Classics

1918 Curtiss JN-4D 'Jenny'

In many ways, the Curtiss Jenny could be considered the Model T of the skies. Roughly a contemporary of Ford’s famous auto, the Jenny would eventually help to establish the practical reality of American aviation.

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1927 Fairchild FC-2 W2 - NC3569

Herb Harkcom's FC-2 is the oldest of all the Fairchild aircraft, though this FC-2 had many owners before it fell into Herb’s hands.

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1930 Spartan C3-225 - NC718N

Existing log books only go back to the third owner of NC718N, C.L. Sloan of Memphis, Texas, but we know from FAA records that the first owner of the airplane was the Haliburton Oil Well Cementing Co. of Duncan, OK which purchased it July 26, 1930.

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1930 Pitcairn PA-7S Sport Mailwing - NC95W

The Pitcairn Mailwing’s beauty hides its role as a rugged workhorse aircraft.

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1931 Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro 'Miss Champion' - NC11609

In 1923, test pilot Lt. Gomez Spencer flew inventor Juan de la Cierva's Autogiro in Madrid, Spain, marking the first controlled flight of a rotary-wing aircraft. The Autogiro used large unpowered rotor blades to provide lift through autorotation, much like a maple tree “helicopter” seed as it spins to the ground.

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1939 Waco ARE - NC20953

The Waco ARE is one of several different aircraft owned by the New York Daily News newspaper.

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Fokker/Redfern Dr. I Triplane Replica - N105RF

EAA’s replica Fokker Dr. I Triplane was built by Walter W. Redfern, EAA #143, and first flown on July 24, 1964. The “triplane” is arguably the most recognizable fighter of WWI.

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Nieuport/Huntley 11 Replica - N2001

The only original Nieuport 11 known to exist is in the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace in France, but numerous replicas of this WWI fighter have been built.

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Spirit of St. Louis Replica

EAA has constructed two “Spirit of St. Louis” replica aircraft to honor Charles Lindbergh and his aviation achievements.

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Blériot XI bis Monoplane Replica - N908LB

It was a daring international, over-water, solo flight that won a prize and created worldwide interest in aviation.

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