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Frequently Asked Questions on Timeless Voices of Aviation

What kind of voices are you looking for?

We are trying to record all aspects of aviation, so this means Timeless Voices is interested in civil as well as military aviators, plus mechanics, air traffic controllers, aircraft designers, builders and restorers, flight instructors, writers, air show performers, administrators, airport and FBO operators, and airline employees … to name but a few!

Timeless Voices of Aviation is not just the famous voices of aviation. We gather stories from unheralded individuals.

One of the purposes of Timeless Voices is to help people preserve part of their own family history. It is common for people to say things like “my story doesn’t matter,” or “I didn’t do anything important.” In fact, that kind of modesty flies in the face of our purpose. An individual aviation story, be it one of serving a local airport, starting a flying club, designing and building an airplane, or serving the nation in war or peace, is one of the countless threads which, woven together, creates the priceless tapestry of human flight.

I have a friend/relative that should be recorded. What should I do?

First of all, consider recording them yourself. We have developed a Project Kit that provides all the information you need to conduct an interview for Timeless Voices of Aviation. It does not require professional know-how!

 All the necessary forms and paperwork are included, plus there is simple guidance on how to set up a video camera, and what type of questions to ask during the interview.

If you don’t feel confident doing it alone, perhaps a friend or family member might be able to help.

As a last resort, it might be possible for EAA to help. We may be able to connect you with a Timeless Voices volunteer or EAA chapter in your local area. Contact us for more details.

Finally, we conduct recording sessions at EAA AirVenture and on the road with our B-17 Aluminum Overcast tour.

What do you do with the recordings?

Timeless Voices of Aviation recordings are stored in the archives of the EAA Aviation Museum. We develop and maintain a computer database so that recordings can be searched and located easily.

We aim for the widest possible access to the valuable historical resource being created. Recordings are available for consultation at the museum by students, researchers, scholars, family members, and other visitors in a special Timeless Voices exhibit located on the upper level of the museum.

Is there a deadline for the program?

No, Timeless Voices has no deadline for collecting oral histories. Tapes are accepted at any time. Aviation history is ongoing, and so is the Timeless Voices program.

Is Timeless Voices a part of the Veterans History Project?

Yes! Timeless Voices of Aviation is an official partner of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. The Timeless Voices archive is housed at the EAA AirVenture Museum.

Who has been interviewed?

See a list of those who have been interviewed, and get an idea of the kinds of stories that have been recorded.

Do you collect other historical items, like memoirs, photographs and other artifacts?

The purpose of Timeless Voices of Aviation is to collect, preserve, and distribute video oral histories relating to the history of aviation.

If you would like to offer aviation documents, memoirs, books or photographs, please direct your enquiry to the EAA Library at 920-426-4815 or e-mail library@eaa.org.

If you would like to offer other aviation artifacts, please direct your enquiry to Ben Page, Museum Curator at 920-426-6839 or e-mail bpage@eaa.org

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