EAA Annual Report

Covering period March 1, 2018 - February 28, 2019

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In the time I have been honored to serve at EAA, I have become acutely aware of something that we call “the EAA effect.” Simply put, it is what happens when an EAA member, chapter, or partner takes one small action to grow aviation. Similar to the popular butterfly effect theory in science, it’s a small action that has a continual, expanding, and positive impact.

It’s very real, and very powerful. It might be something as simple as giving a Young Eagles flight or a chapter mentoring a young person. One flight with one young person develops into a passion for aviation that is then shared with others who become interested, who then go on and make a profound difference in the future of flight, and so forth.

It starts, however, with that single, individual action. As we read this year’s EAA Annual Report, we see the thousands of individual actions and the impact they have. My point is this: Every action we as EAA members and supporters take to grow aviation makes a difference. We don’t know if the person we inspire will be the next flight pioneer, space adventurer, or a rescue pilot who saves a life. But they very well could be. That’s why we are passionate about what we do.

As we expand our programming to encourage and promote flight on a grassroots level, the EAA Aviation Foundation becomes the primary conduit for donors to support EAA programs. Your support over the past year makes an amazing difference. Along with our membership-based programs, we will steward more than $6 million in annual gifts to the organization, as well as another $1 million in endowed gifts. That seems to be a large number, but within it are many, many single actions by people who create the EAA effect. You can read the full report online at www.EAA.org/annualreport.

We look forward to doing even more to extend The Spirit of Aviation.

Yours truly,

Jack Pelton Signature

Jack J. Pelton
EAA CEO and Chairman of the Board
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