Isn't it Time?

EAA has developed pathways to flight making it easier, more affordable, and more accessible. Stop dreaming. Start flying.

Learn to Fly

Whether you’ve wanted to become a pilot your entire life or have just recently found the urge, EAA can help you get started. We’ll give you an overview of the opportunities available to you as a Private, Sport, or Ultralight pilot, and then help you find the tools and the training you need to make your dream a reality. Do you think you’re interested, but you’ve never been up in a small airplane and would like to try it out first? We can make that happen, too - free of charge!

There are three basic pathways to becoming a pilot here in the U.S.: You can become a full-blown Private Pilot, you can get there a bit faster and cheaper by becoming a Sport Pilot, or you can fly on your own as an Ultralight Pilot.

EAA is a passionate community of more than 200,000 aviators, and it’s our mission to grow participation in aviation. Whatever your interests, whatever your goals, we’ll steer you in the right direction and show you that your dream of flight is a lot closer than you think.