The Sky Has No Limits

Enthusiasts around the world share your same burning passion for aviation, a collective obsession that’s at the beating heart of EAA.


EAA’s mission is to grow participation in aviation. While we certainly focus a lot on outreach programs like Young Eagles and Eagle Flights, as well as supporting affordable pathways to aviation like homebuilding and sport pilot programs, we also have a lot to offer existing pilots as well.

Our advocacy staff works on behalf of all EAA members when it comes to regulatory and legislative issues. They also administer our Aeromedical Advisory Program, a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who can help with any issues involving your medical certificate, and work closely with our Legal Council who can assist you with representation and advice when facing an enforcement action. 

In addition, we offer videos, publications, informative books and DVDs, and online forums that connect you directly with thousands of fellow pilots who are always up for answering questions or engaging in a spirited discussion.