Hands, Mind, and Heart

What started as a handful of passionate enthusiasts has developed into a major force—and a significant component—of the aircraft industry.
Aircraft Building

The world of homebuilt aircraft — officially known in the United States as Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft — has existed as long as powered flight. Even the Wright brothers were homebuilders, since they didn't rely on a factory to construct their airplanes. They, like the homebuilders of today, used their own abilities and craftsmanship to construct safe and efficient flying machines.

EAA was founded in 1953 by a group of airplane enthusiasts mostly comprised of airplane builders, although anyone with an aviation interest has always been welcome in the organization. EAA has been the organization of record as the homebuilt movement moved from simple, single-place tube-and-fabric airplanes 60 years ago to today's wide spectrum of aircraft that feature plans- and kit-built models. No matter the airplane project, one thing remains constant – homebuilt aircraft provide a path where nearly anyone can pursue their personal dream of flight.

Experimental amateur-built aircraft, often called "homebuilts" because they are typically built in people's garages and basements, are the fastest growing segment of new aircraft in the United States. Amateurbuilt aircraft are built by individuals and certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as "experimental amateur-built" (E-AB).

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EAA's extensive resources, available through the EAA members' area or the association's staff, can help any aircraft builder or restorer to create a safe, efficient aircraft that provides recreation and education.

EAA Homebuilders Week

Thank you for making EAA Homebuilders Week 2024 a great success! EAA members can watch recordings of all Homebuilders Week videos on demand.

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Builder Resources

At first, building your own aircraft might seem like a crazy idea. These resources will help you get the skills, experience and confidence you need to build or restore your own aircraft.

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SportAir Workshops

EAA’s highly interactive, in-person and hands-on weekend workshops are now available online. These workshops are the perfect place for do-it-yourself aviators to learn about aircraft building and restoration.

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Intro to Aircraft Building

Why build an airplane instead of just buying one? Building an airplane is one of the most rewarding experiences in all of aviation.

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Kits & Plans

Homebuilding requires a big commitment, but just about anyone who’s finished a project will tell you that it was worth it. See the Kits & Plans that are out there.

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EAA Builders Log

This builders log provides homebuilding members a way to document compliance with the 51% rule and share their building progress with others. 

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Hints for Homebuilders

Watch EAA’s collection of more than 500 “Hints” on all aspects of building or restoring.

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How to Articles

As an EAA member, you have access to an amazing collection of resources, from advice at your local chapter to digital content, like the Hints for Homebuilders video series.

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SOLIDWORKS is the design tool of choice for aircraft and kit manufacturers at companies from Cirrus to Zenith. EAA has worked with SOLIDWORKS to obtain FREE access to a personal-use version for EAA members!

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Volunteer Assistance

EAA’s Technical Counselor's Program, Flight Advisor's Program, and EAA Homebuilt Aircraft Council all help to ensure EAA's continued focus on vital programs of benefit to current and future homebuilders.

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Non-Builder Owner Guide

EAA has compiled this short but detailed, free guide to give you a well-informed and safe head start on buying a used homebuilt aircraft.

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Siemens Solid Edge

Solid Edge is professional computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software and is free for EAA members!

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EAA Staff Zenith Build: Time-Lapse
This time-lapse video, shot over a period of about 3 hours, shows the progress on the fuselage skins as our Zenith CH 750 continues to come together.
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