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7 p.m. CST

Bong: America’s Ace of Aces

Chris Henry


Join Chris Henry from the EAA Aviation Museum as he discusses the life of America’s highest-scoring WWII ace, Richard Bong. The fascinating story will lead to a discussion about the EAA Aviation Museum’s beautiful P-38 which is painted to honor Bong and his wife Marge.


7 p.m. CST

Pushing Past TBO - Running your Rotax Engine "On Condition"
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Prof. H. Paul Shuch


Many of us are experienced with the ubiquitous Lycomings and Continentals, engines based upon 1930s designs. The Rotax 900 series of aircraft engines, which now power 80% of the light-sport fleet, are noted for their reliability and longevity. These modern European designs defy our notion of time between overhauls. In this FAA WINGS and AMT Award webinar, Prof. H. Paul Shuch, a noted flight instructor and Rotax maintenance technician, tells you why you can forget everything you know about TBO and how you can keep your Rotax operational far longer than you expected.


7 p.m. CDT

Rolling Fear Upside Down with Aerobatics

Cecilia Aragon


U.S. Unlimited Aerobatic Team pilot, CFI, and engineering professor Cecilia Aragon talks about three ways aerobatics can help anyone overcome fear and become a better pilot. Cecilia will share her personal journey from timid child to the World Aerobatic Championships.


7 p.m. CDT

Sling Aircraft Kits

Mike Blyth


Mike Blyth from Sling Aircraft will cover the Sling series of amateur-built and light-sport aircraft, including their history of development, performance, flight characteristics, and flight testing for the new high-wing airplane available in both tricycle and taildragger versions.


7 p.m. CDT

SNAGGED! Dealing with Defects Safely and Legally
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Sebastien Seykora


A review of where, when, and how to record aircraft defects and how to determine if they affect the airworthiness of small private registered aircraft, with special emphasis on Canadian rules and registered aircraft. Sebastien Seykora will discuss typical problem scenarios and go through where to look and how to determine if a snag grounds the aircraft and how to keep flying legally if it doesn’t.


7 p.m. CDT

Engine Care Items Every Pilot Should Know
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Bill Ross


This seminar is designed to answer many of the questions we as owners have regarding the proper care and feeding of our aircraft engines. Bill Ross from Superior Air Parts will discuss maintenance and operational best practices. Attending this seminar will result in enhanced safety, reliability, and lower direct operational cost of engine ownership.


7 p.m. CDT

Wittman Tailwind & Buttercup

Earl Luce


Steve Wittman’s homebuilt designs were pivotal to the birth of the homebuilt movement and are still viable option for today’s scratch builder on a budget. In this webinar, Earl Luce, who reverse engineered the Buttercup and helped update the Tailwind plans, will discuss the building and flight characteristics of each design.


7 p.m. CDT

How Risky is Maintenance
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


As pilots and aircraft owners, we've all experienced maintenance-induced failures (MIFs). But just how risky is maintenance? How often do MIFs occur? How serious are the consequences when they do? In 2002, the FAA studied 10 years of NTSB accident reports involving maintenance-related GA accidents. In this webinar, Mike Busch discusses what they learned and concluded.


7 p.m. CDT

The E-1 and the Pursuit of a Record

Eileen Bjorkman


Join us as Eileen Bjorkman discusses her father, Arnold Ebneter, and his daring attempt to design his own aircraft and break a distance record in it. It is a story decades in the making.


7 p.m. CDT

Canadian Airspace 101
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Radek Wyrzykowski


Airspace is complicated, but learning about airspace does not have to be. Join Radek Wyrzykowski, EAA manager of flight proficiency, as he breaks down complex airspace and discusses it in simple terms you can understand without being an expert in the CARS. This webinar has been specifically developed for Canadian airspace and the rules in Canada. Radek’s technique will teach you practical information that’s easy to remember and useful for each flight.


7 p.m. CDT

Flying Clubs – Getting Started

David Leiting


EAA’s initiative to support the formation of flying clubs continues to grow, and David Leiting from the EAA HQ will help you learn the ins and outs of forming a separate nonprofit flying club!


7 p.m. CDT

Flying Safe with BasicMed
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Dr. Brent Blue and Tom Charpentier


EAA Government Relations Director Tom Charpentier and EAA Pilot Advocate AME Dr. Brent Blue provide a summary of BasicMed and answer your questions. As we approach 4 years since the creation of the rule, tune in to learn what you need to do to stay current and safe while flying under BasicMed.


7 p.m. CDT

The History of Air Racing

Connor Madison


EAA’s own Connor Madison will discuss the powerful aircraft that make up the EAA Aviation Museum’s Air Racing Gallery. He will also dive into an overview of our nation’s quest for speed, and the people who pushed the limits.


7 p.m. CDT

Are you Stumped About Weather? Here are the Top Ten FAQs
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Scott Dennstaedt


Meteorology is perhaps the most challenging discipline you must master to become a pilot and continues to generate many questions long after your primary training has completed. Join us for some weather Q&As where Scott Dennstaedt will provide the answers to the top 10 questions he's been asked over the last 20 years as a former National Weather Service meteorologist and certificated flight instructor.


7 p.m. CDT

Spirit of St. Louis

Chris Henry and Ben Page


Join the museum team as we discuss Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight in 1927. We will also look into the background of the Spirit replicas that call the EAA Aviation Museum home, and the adventures they have been on.

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