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7 p.m. CST

An IMC Icing Accident - Why?
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Andy Miller


Weather rarely brings down airplanes on its own — it needs the pilot's help. Join Andy Miller as he discusses an aircraft that was brought down by icing, and explore how the accident could have been avoided.


7 p.m. CST

Introducing the EAA Flight Test Manual
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Tom Charpentier, Vic Syracuse


EAA Government Relations Director Tom Charpentier and Homebuilt Aircraft Council Chairman Vic Syracuse discuss the EAA Flight Test Manual, an exciting new offering from EAA that contains a step-by-step program for flight testing. The program takes the builder, restorer, and/or owner from first engine runs to creating their own customized operating handbook.


7 p.m. CST

History of the B-17 Memphis Belle

Chris Henry


Join EAA’s B-17 historian Chris Henry as he talks about the iconic B-17 Memphis Belle. This must-see presentation will cover not only the combat career of this famous bomber, but also what happened to it after the war, and how it got to where it is now.


7 p.m. CST

Breaking Good
Qualifies for FAA Wings and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


From time to time, every piston aircraft owner faces the question of how to break in new cylinders. Sometimes this involves just one or two newly replaced jugs, other times it's after a top or major overhaul. There's a lot of conflicting information about how best to do this. In this webinar, Mike Busch A&P mechanic with inspection authorization goes back to first principles to take the mystery out of how to do it right.


7 p.m. CST

Become a Better Chapter Leader – Presidents/Vice Presidents

Charlie Becker


Chapters Director Charlie Becker provides insights on the necessary tasks associated with the president and vice-president positions, as well as tips on chapter management and critical due dates for chapter-related events.


7 p.m. CST

Paramotors: Learning, Flying, and Buying the Smallest, Most Portable Aircraft
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Jeff Goin


Jeff Goin takes you through a typical journey of learning to fly a powered paraglider, including the options, costs, challenges, and capabilities. He'll include choices that improve the fun and reduce your chances of the bad things. The incredible capability is contrasted with how to avoid the dark side, including some fun anecdotes along the way. Myths will be busted and questions will be answered from a secret airport location deep in the Green Swamp of Central Florida while beating off snakes, alligators, and fire ants.


7 p.m. CST

Become a Better Chapter Leader – Secretary/Treasurer

John Egan


Chapters Manager John Egan provides insights on the necessary tasks associated with the secretary and treasurer positions, as well as tips on chapter management and critical due dates for chapter-related events.


8 p.m. CST

An IA's Dilemma
Qualifies for FAA Wings and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


When performing an annual inspection, what should an A&P mechanic with inspection authorization do when they find something significant in the aircraft's maintenance records that conflicts with what the aircraft owner says? Who should the A&P/IA believe, the owner or the logbooks? Like many things in aviation, the answer is it depends. Maintenance expert and A&P/IA Mike Busch explores this thorny issue with the help of two real-life case studies whose outcomes were quite different.


7 p.m. CST

First Flight, No Fright: All About Discovery Flights and Introductory Lessons
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Prof. H. Paul Shuch


The introductory lesson or discovery flight is a common marketing tool used by flight schools to introduce potential customers to the wonders of flight. It can be a make or break moment resulting in either an enthusiastic student or someone who will never set foot in an airplane again. In this FAA Safety Team WINGS award webinar, a longtime CFI tells his fellow instructors what he does to make this a positive experience, and explains to potential students what they should expect.


7 p.m. CST

Temporary Flight Restrictions, Airspace, and ADS-B
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

John Townsley


Temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) are a fact of flying. John Townsley will discuss the more common TFRs that we may encounter on a coast-to-coast cross-country flight. Some TFRs can appear with no notice, others may show up with lots of warning, and some are charted. John discusses strategies we can use to learn when and where TFRs might be along our route of flight. He will explain what pilots should do to avoid a violation, including some gotchas that have tripped up many pilots and the types of violations and enforcement. This webinar will also include a brief discussion of where ADS-B Out will be required after January 1, 2020, including some of the benefits and pitfalls of that not-so-new requirement.