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7 p.m. CDT

Which RV is Right for Me?

Greg Hughes


Greg Hughes of Van's Aircraft will discuss the kit offerings from Van's and things to think about before making the purchase decision.


7 p.m. CDT

Why Valves Stick – Registration at full capacity.
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


Sticking and stuck exhaust valves are a frequent problem in piston aircraft engines. In early stages, it manifests itself as roughness after engine start (so-called "morning sickness"), and it can progress into something much more serious and a significant cause of power-loss incidents and accidents. Conventional wisdom says that it's caused by carbonized oil buildup due to excessive heat. In this webinar, Mike Busch explains that the real culprit is lead, not carbon, and it's actually insufficient heat that's the problem. Proper powerplant management techniques can minimize this problem, and Mike shows you how.


12 p.m. CDT

Chapter Chat: Applying for Charitable Status - Filing the 1023EZ

Patti Arthur


Patti Arthur will walk you through the simplified IRS 1023EZ application. By becoming an IRS recognized charity under IRC section 501(c)(3), donations to the chapter are deductible by the donor.


7 p.m. CDT

Legal Issues in Buying and Selling GA Aircraft
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Kathy Yodice, Patrick Floyd and Alan L. Farkas


The EAA Legal Advisory Council will give you a practical overview of how to buy or sell an aircraft without getting snagged by legal issues. This webinar will address contracts, inspections, insurance, product liability, negligence, titles, registration, and international transactions. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the talk.


7 p.m. CDT

Air Shows: Not Just Events, But a Lifestyle!

Grant & Brittany Nielsen


Curious about the air show life? Join Grant and Brittany Nielsen as they talk about their journey as GN Airshows. Learn about becoming an air show performer and the lifestyle around air shows, air show announcing, and all of the nitty-gritty details.


7 p.m. CDT

How to Use Your Pilot's Operating Handbook
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Mike Bauer


Do you know what's in your airplane's pilot's operating handbook (POH)? Do you even have a POH? Maybe you have an owner's manual instead. What's the difference? Mike Bauer will discuss why you need a POH, what it contains, how to use it, and what to do if you don't have one.


7 p.m. CDT

Experiment in the Cockpit: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II

Katherine Sharp Landdeck


In September 1942, the leaders of the USAAF knew they desperately needed more pilots and decided to finally give women pilots a chance. In the beginning, they were uncertain whether women could fly military planes, but the women quickly proved themselves as effective pilots. Historian Katherine Sharp Landdeck, author of The Women With Silver Wings: The Inspiring True Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II, shares the story of how women got started flying for the USAAF and their successful experiment in the cockpit.


7 p.m. CDT

Zenith STOL Airplanes

Sebastien Heintz


Sebastien Heintz will discuss in-depth their high wing kit aircraft: STOL CH701, STOL CH750, CH750 Cruzer and STOL CH750 Super Duty.


7 p.m. CDT

Fresh Annual
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


It's often said that when buying an airplane, the best prebuy is an annual inspection. Not so fast, says maintenance expert Mike Busch A&P/IA. In this webinar, Mike tells the story of a first-time aircraft owner who bought a Piper Warrior with the proverbial "fresh annual" provided by the seller's mechanic in Texas, ferried the plane home to California with his CFI, only to discover that the aircraft was a mechanical disaster. Mike illustrates graphically why an annual inspection provided by the seller is never a substitute for a proper independent prebuy arranged for by the buyer.


7 p.m. CDT

Keeping your Rotax Alive
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Prof. H. Paul Shuch


Like most aviation maintenance technicians, Prof. H. Paul Shuch cut his teeth on Lycoming and Continental engines. In the decade since he bought his first Rotax 912 powered airplane, our presenter has learned a lot about these quirky engines, which now power 80 percent of the light-sport fleet. From operating tips to maintenance tricks, he shares his experiences with you in this FAA WINGS and AMT award webinar.


7 p.m. CDT

Unusual Attitude Training Versus Upset Prevention and Recovery Training: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Randy Brooks and Norm Dequier


All pilots must demonstrate recovery from unusual attitudes and stalls during training, and regularly at the professional level. Yet, loss of control in flight (LOC-I) has been the leading cause of fatalities in every sector of aviation worldwide for several decades. Randy Brooks and Norm Dequier will discuss what is missing in current pilot training that allows this persistent threat to continue, and why LOC-I will remain the primary cause of aviation fatalities until we change the way we prepare pilots for recovery from airplane upset events.


7 p.m. CDT

So You Think You Can Make a 180 Back on Takeoff? An In-Depth Look at Engine Failure Options
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Charlie Precourt, Chris Glaeser, Rick Marshall, and Terry Lutz


Test pilots and EAA safety committee members Charlie Precourt, Chris Glaeser, and Terry Lutz will provide instruction on the use of the EAA Flight Test Manual test cards for climb and glide that will enable you to determine your own aircraft’s capabilities should you find yourself in an engine failure scenario on takeoff. This presentation expands on the work of Rick Marshall published in the May edition of EAA Sport Aviation.


7 p.m. CDT

Founder’s Innovation Prize Grand Championship Preview

Terry Lutz


Several Founder’s Innovation Prize Grand Championship contestants will share the latest on their solutions that will ultimately reduce the number of fatal amateur-built accidents caused by loss of control. This event will revisit some of the strongest entries from the previous four years, and you will get a sneak peek into next year’s postponed Grand Championship event.


7 p.m. CDT

EAA Young Eagles Workshops: Day Camp Program for Chapters

John Egan and Megan Hart


Chapters staff John Egan and Megan Hart introduce a new offering for chapters: EAA Young Eagles Workshops that will provide a turnkey day camp program for chapters that want to take their youth engagement to the next level. They will discuss the goal of the program and how chapters can get involved.


7 p.m. CDT

$500 HUD

John Muzzoli


This is a presentation on a $500 Head Up Display that is legal to use in any airplane. It is a free and open-source system that builds on the data available from ADS-B receivers.


7 p.m. CDT

The Looming Mechanic Shortage
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Mike Busch


What if your airplane breaks and there's no one to fix it? Many maintenance shops have gone out of business, not because of lack of demand, but because they can't find enough qualified mechanics. In this webinar, maintenance expert Mike Busch A&P/IA relates the experiences of a number of his colleagues who own and operate maintenance shops, and the difficulties they have had with staffing. Mike discusses why the continuing deterioration of the maintenance infrastructure for piston GA airplanes should be of concern to every aircraft owner.


7 p.m. CDT

Emergency Bailout Procedures for Pilots and Survival Equipment
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Allen Silver


Allen Silver is an FAA master parachute rigger and former FAA-designated rigger examiner who will be talking about how to use a parachute in an emergency bailout and some survival equipment pilots can use. Do you have a plan if you have an emergency? Do you have the right parachute fit for you? Once you decided to bail out of your aircraft do you know what to do next? These are some of the questions that will be answered during this webinar. You may download handout material from Mr. Silver's website at www.silverparachutes.com to use during and after the presentation.


7 p.m. CST

Van's RV-14

Greg Hughes


Greg Hughes of Van's Aircraft will discuss their latest design, the RV-14.


7 p.m. CST

RANS S-21 Outbound, All Metal, All Purpose

Randy Schlitter


Randy Schlitter will discuss the S-21 Outbound kit, the latest offering from RANS Aircraft.

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