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These live multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can ask questions and be polled for their opinion.

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Some EAA Webinars qualify for credit in the FAA's WINGS or AMT awards program. Visit www.faasafety.gov for details.

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7 p.m. CDT

Fortunate Catch
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Mike Busch

A maintenance-aware owner is the last line of defense against maintenance errors. In this webinar, Mike Busch A&P/IA relates the story of one Bonanza owner whose shop replaced two cylinders because of burned exhaust valves. Then, just as the mechanic was buttoning up the airplane in preparation for the break-in flight, this maintenance-involved owner looked closely at the newly installed cylinders, spotted something that concerned him, raised his concerns with the shop, whereupon the A&P who installed the cylinders admitted that he'd made a critical mistake that almost certainly would have resulted in a catastrophic engine failure had the vigilant owner not saved the day. Mike also talks about the crash involving another Bonanza that suffered a catastrophic in-flight engine failure years earlier caused by precisely the same error and was the subject of landmark litigation.


7 p.m. CDT

The Curtiss A-1 Sweetheart
Museum Webinars Series

Chris Henry

This month, we will talk about the oldest airframe in the EAA Aviation Museum’s collection: the Curtiss A-1 Pusher Sweetheart.


7 p.m. CDT

Leaving a Lasting Aviation Legacy

Alan Spiegel

Whether you're a passionate aviation enthusiast, a pilot, or someone who simply appreciates the wonders of flight, this webinar offers valuable insights into how to ensure your legacy endures through the generations. We will share best practices for estate planning, helping you consider the process of preserving your legacy for your loved ones, and possibly helping to further The Spirit of Aviation.


7 p.m. CDT

Weather Flying with ForeFlight: Preflight and ADS-B Weather Tips
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Bret Koebbe

Get more utility out of your airplane by making the best preflight and in-flight decisions when weather conditions are less than ideal. This detailed presentation by Sporty's Bret Koebbe will first cover using ForeFlight on your computer and iPad to develop your own preflight self-weather briefing. Then you'll learn how to keep up with changing convective and/or IFR conditions while en route using ADS-B datalink weather.


7 p.m. CDT

Balancing Act: Managing Energy in Flight
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Catherine Cavagnaro

The latest version of the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook contains a new chapter devoted to energy management. It's a long time in coming; after all, the subject comprises a significant part of Wolfgang Langewiesche's famous text Stick and Rudder. Catherine Cavagnaro from Ace Aerobatic School will discuss the ideas presented in the new chapter a step farther and see how adopting an energy-centered approach to aviation can lead to safer flying.


7 p.m. CST

Miracle in Sioux Falls
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

Mike Busch

Nothing is more frustrating for an aircraft owner than a disabling mechanical problem that occurs far from home in the middle of an important trip. Nothing is more embarrassing if the problem was the owner's fault. That's exactly what happened to maintenance expert Mike Busch one Saturday evening in July as he was flying his Cessna 310 from California to AirVenture 2023. Mike got on the brakes too early during what should have been an easy-peasy crosswind landing at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The resulting blowout of the right main gear tire and tube disabled the aircraft and closed the runway for more than an hour. The remarkable series of fortuitous events that followed, allowing Mike and his two passengers to get to Oshkosh on schedule, is the subject of this webinar.


7 p.m. CST

EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship – 2024 Update

Christopher Gauger

The Ray Aviation Scholarship provides flight training scholarships to help young people learn to fly. Funded by the Ray Foundation, managed by EAA headquarters, and administered by EAA chapters, this program has allowed hundreds of youths to achieve their pilot certificates. Christopher Gauger from the EAA chapters staff will provide an overview of this exciting and successful program.


7 p.m. CST

Cloudy With A Chance of PIREPs
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit

Prof. H. Paul Shuch

Pilot Reports are just one more way for aviators to share critical safety information with each other. In this WINGS award webinar by Prof. H. Paul Shuch, we will review the format of PIREPs, including what they cover, when to file them, where to check them, and how to interpret their sometimes cryptic language. We’re all in this together! Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.


7 p.m. CST

The DC-3
Museum Webinars Series

Chris Henry

Standing guard in front of the EAA Aviation Museum is a DC-3. Join us as we talk about the airframe and the many different versions of this legendary aircraft.


7 p.m. CST

Solid Edge Modeling 101

Muhammad Sajjad

Join us for an enlightening webinar on Solid Edge Modeling 101, presented by Muhammad Sajjad with Siemens. This webinar is designed for both newcomers to Solid Edge and seasoned professionals looking to enhance their 3D modeling skills. Topics will include:

  • Synchronous Modeling workflows
  • Ref planes
  • Sketching
  • Extrude, revolve, sweep and loft
  • Multi-body modeling
  • Text to models
  • 11/16/23

    7 p.m. CST

    Hosting a Young Eagles Rally – Advanced Best Practices

    David Leiting

    Join David Leiting, EAA Eagles Program manager, as he provides a review of Young Eagles rally best practices. This webinar will go beyond the requirements of hosting a rally and focus on best practices used at various chapters all across the association. In addition, a brief overview of the Young Eagles online registration process will be discussed.


    7 p.m. CST

    Three Strikes and You’re Out: A Practical Strategy for Stopping the Accident Chain
    Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

    Kenneth Solosky

    We all are safe and conscientious pilots. We train for emergencies and read accident reports to learn from other’s mistakes. We often wonder, how did the pilot miss the signs? But they did. Join Kenneth Solosky as he discusses three strikes as a practical approach to stopping the accident chain before it ever happens.


    7 p.m. CST

    Deadly Switches
    Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.

    Mike Busch

    That ubiquitous key-operated ignition switch in most single-engine piston airplanes is fraught with peril. There are two different designs that have different failure modes and are subject to different airworthiness directives. Yet one critical failure mode is unaddressed by any of these ADs and has resulted in death, serious injury, and costly property damage. Maintenance expert Mike Busch discusses how and why these switches fail and what you can do to protect yourself from the deadly consequences. If you own or fly an aircraft with a key-operated ignition switch, this webinar is a must-see.

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