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Adventures of Aviore


Who is Aviore?

Jake Peregrine Howard — Perry to his friends — is a young high school student living on a farm just outside of Wichita, Kansas, who’s infatuated with the eagles and hawks he’s seen soaring in the skies above him. Then, an EAA Young Eagles Program flight at the local airport — his first time in the air — changes his life forever. The event triggers a powerful transformation of both mind and body, as his senses became more acute and his mind sharpens, and Perry becomes a superhero, dedicating his life to using the power of flight to help those in need. As Aviore’s legend grows in tandem with his burgeoning superpowers, he becomes an inspiration to young people all over the world, encouraging them to follow their passions and find their place in the sky.

Created by Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and EAA CEO Jack J. Pelton, Aviore is a partnership between EAA and the Stan Lee Foundation, in an effort to develop aviation-related content that will encourage kids to get involved in all aspects of aviation.

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Adventures of Aviore 1 Wild Skies

Adventures of Aviore #1: Wild Skies

Meet Jake Peregrine Howard, Perry to his friends — a guy whose love for flying almost matches his passion for seeing kids reach their dreams of becoming aviators themselves. When Perry isn’t volunteering for the EAA Young Eagles program he takes to the sky under a different name. With a steadfast team behind him, Perry soars to new heights seeking justice and lending a helping hand to those in need.

Read Adventures of Aviore #1

Adventures of Aviore 2 Attack Angles

Adventures of Aviore #2: Attack Angles

Welcome back to Capital City! Aviore and the T.A.L.O.N. team must contend with two new villains, Turbulence and Drag. Our hero will have to use his brain as well as his brawn in order to stop them…

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Adventures of Aviore 3 Birds of a Feather

Adventures of Aviore #3: Birds of a Feather

Aviore takes to the skies as the T.A.L.ON. team prepares to put an end to Splicer’s nefarious plans once and for all. Along the way, Perry’s visit to the EAA Aviation Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, leads to meeting a hero of his own!

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Adventures of Aviore 4 Flying Blind

Adventures of Aviore #4: Flying Blind

It’s just been one of those days for Aviore as he finds himself rushing from one nefarious villain to the next. Meanwhile, most of the TALON team is busy enjoying the greatest aviation event of the year —EAA AirVenture Oshkosh! Will Perry make it to Oshkosh in time to join in on the fun?

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Adventures of Aviore 5 Ever Upward

Adventures of Aviore #5: EVER UPWARD

Aviore finds himself stranded deep within the Alaskan mountains with an inoperable Eagle One and the rest of the TALON team out of communication. It’s up to our hero to track down the cold-hearted villain responsible. Meanwhile, he reflects on the life changing moments that led him to assume the mantle of Aviore.

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Adventures of Aviore 6 All in a Day's Work

Adventures of Aviore #6: All in a Day's Work

Rosie Hernandez is used to working under pressure. As head of  TALON’s Tactics Division,  every day poses its own unique challenges as Rosie helps Aviore keep the skies over Capital City safe. What new dangers lurk just over the dawn’s horizon? For Rosie, it’s all in a day’s work.

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Adventures of Aviore 7 Creature of Calder Canyon

Adventures of Aviore #7: The Creature of Calder Canyon

A cryptic creature has brought tourism around the scenic Calder Canyon to a screeching halt. Aviore must take to the sky in order to explore the mystery of the flying beast – hopefully before it can dig its claws into him!

Read Adventures of Aviore #7

Adventures of Aviore 8 Here There Be Gremlins

Adventures of Aviore #8: Here There Be Gremlins

Perry and Frank attend an aviation themed costume party in downtown Capital City when the event is crashed by a group of villainous gremlins.


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Adventures of Aviore 9 Return of the Wild Dogs

Adventures of Aviore #9:Return of the Wild Dogs

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The ruffian pack of sky pirates known as the Wild Dogs have returned, better trained and more formidable than ever!  Aviore must work to infiltrate the flea-ridden group and take down the new Wild Dogs pack leader, who may make for his greatest foe yet.

Read Adventures of Aviore #9

Adventures of Aviore 10 Return of the Wild Dogs Part II

Adventures of Aviore #10: Return of the Wild Dogs Part II

Aviore has successfully infiltrated the Wild Dogs and met their new, fearsome leader, Apex. Does Aviore have what it takes to prove his loyalty to the pack and finally discover the location of the Wild Dogs’ secret lair?

Read Adventures of Aviore #10

Advenures of Aviore 11 Failing for Success

Adventures of Aviore #11: Failing for Success

After the recent defeat at the hands of Apex, Aviore is feeling pretty down on his luck. As TALON rebuilds, our hero struggles to rediscover his value as Capital City’s protector. Meanwhile, an angry fan of the Capital City Cyclones seeks his revenge on Brent Bronsky, the once star quarterback, after his disappointing performance in the playoffs football game. 

Read Adventures of Aviore #11

Adventures of Aviore 12 Killer Kaleidoscope

Adventures of Aviore #12:Killer Kaleidoscope

TALON’s desperate hunt for Apex is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious new threat in Capital City - one that looks to push Aviore to his limits.

Read Adventures of Aviore #12

Adventures of Aviore A Day To Remember

Adventures of Aviore #13: A Day To Remember

The TALON team gears up for the 30th anniversary celebration of the Young Eagles program as Apex makes his dreaded return to Capital City. Will the combined efforts of Aviore and the Mourning Cloak be enough to put an end to Apex’s villainous reign once and for all?

Read Adventures of Aviore #13

Stay Tuned for More Adventures of Aviore

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