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Meet Aviore

AvioreAviore Has Arrived!

New Stan Lee-inspired superhero to take EAA Young Eagles into its next successful 25 years

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and EAA CEO and Chairman Jack J. Pelton introduced a new superhero named Aviore at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017. Aviore’s mission is to promote The Spirit of Aviation and the EAA's Young Eagles program.

“It’s very important that we get young people more interested in aviation,” says Stan. “One of the problems is, it doesn’t seem as exciting or glamorous to them today because it’s all jet planes, and they have the notion the pilot gets in the cockpit, sits down, presses a button, and goes to sleep while the plane does the work. We’ve got to find a way to let the young people know that there’s something very heroic and glamorous about [flight], and it’s not as easy as it looks.”

Aviore also represents an alliance between EAA and the Stan Lee Foundation, with the two organizations working together to develop aviation-related programming and content that will encourage youngsters to get involved in all aspects of aviation.

Asked by Jack about his impressions of AirVenture, Stan said, “It takes a lot to impress me — I’m pretty damn impressed! It’s like a whole city full of airplanes and excitement and wonder. I don’t know to describe this when I get home so I can do it justice. I have never been more impressed. It must have taken a year just to set it up.”

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, the Young Eagles program has given more than 2 million youngsters their first flight in a GA aircraft, with the help of 50,000 pilots and 50,000 ground volunteers.

“We cannot express deeply enough our appreciation to Stan Lee and the Stan Lee Foundation for their support of Young Eagles,” Jack said. “With their commitment, we will bring Young Eagles even more visibility and participation in the next quarter-century.”


Who is Aviore?

Jake Peregrine Howard — Perry to his friends — is a young high school student living on a farm just outside of Wichita, Kansas, who’s infatuated with the eagles and hawks he’s seen soaring in the skies above him. Then, a Young Eagles flight at the local airport — his first time in the air — changes his life forever. The event triggers a powerful transformation of both mind and body, as his senses became more acute and his mind sharpens, and Perry becomes a superhero, dedicating his life to using the power of flight to help those in need. As Aviore’s legend grows in tandem with his burgeoning superpowers, he becomes an inspiration to young people all over the world, encouraging them to follow their passions and find their place in the sky.



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