Is Your Chapter Information Correct?

by Serena Kamps, Chapter Field Rep I, EAA Lifetime 1011028

September 2021 – Although we are already approaching the third quarter of the year with chapter renewal looming on the horizon, I wanted to remind you of the importance of keeping your chapter information up-to-date. You may have entered everything perfectly during renewal last year but it’s quite possible you’ve had changes in officers or chapter contact information since then. When those changes happen, it is vital that you let us know so we can update the information and it is correct in places like the find-a-chapter search on our website, as well as on your EAA-provided chapter website.

One reason to make sure your officer information is correct is that we will soon be pulling the lists of chapter officers to create service award certificates for. We only know of mid-year changes if you tell us, so please make sure to give a call or email us at if you have any.

An additional obvious reason to make sure all your chapter info is correct is so that folks trying to reach out to you are able to do so. Few things are as frustrating to someone trying to get in touch with your chapter as bounced emails or phone numbers that don’t work. Sounds like a surefire way to turn a prospective member off to your chapter, something you definitely don’t want! Check your chapter listing on today and make sure your chapter information is up to date.

Finally, one more reminder — when folks do reach out, please do your best to make sure you respond as promptly as possible. This is simply good customer service. Remember that you are running a small business. Who are your customers? Your members and prospective members. Who is a prospective member? Anyone who reaches out to the chapter or sets foot in the door who is not already a member. You want to create a positive impression of your chapter for these prospective members and timely follow-up is one way this will be accomplished.

Thank you for your dedication as chapter leaders and your commitment to providing the best experience possible for everyone who reaches out to your chapter!

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