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My Introduction to Aviation

By Jeff Seaborn, EAA 793688, EAA Canadian Council Chair

February 2020 - I was fortunate to have grown up around aircraft, as restoration was my dad's hobby and passion. Our family traveled to various places in a 1933 Waco UIC that he'd restored. I didn't realize at the time how lucky we were to have such an aircraft. It was normal to show up at a fly-in breakfast and get invited to the front of the line and receive special treatment.

I thought everyone in aviation was so nice. Not that they aren't; it's just that at the time, I didn't realize how special my experience was. I remember going on a flying trip with some other pilots and their families. I was pretty excited to swap places with one of the other kids because it allowed me to fly in a modern, luxurious aircraft: a C172 Skyhawk! What was I thinking?


That beautiful Waco.

I got my pilot certificate about 12 years ago and built an RV-7 at the same time. I enjoyed building so much, I decided to build a DR-107 One Design. That was a lot of fun too, and it's the airplane I fly if I'm not traveling anywhere far and if no one else is with me. It's a wonderful airplane that really teaches one how to fly.

I'm now restoring the Dalotel DM-165. I figure it's a fascinating airplane with a very interesting story. There seems to be a modicum of interest in the aircraft. I'm hoping that once I get it flying and enjoy it for a year or two, that I'll be able to sell it and recoup my costs. At least, that's what I told my wife when I acquired this project.

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