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Anti Splat Aero Cup Holder

By Ian Brown, Editor

March 2019 - In a marketing class many years ago I learned about “high value features.” These were features that didn’t cost very much but were highly valued by customers. The example we were given was the ubiquitous cup holder. There was a time when there were no smartphones in our pockets and no cup holders in vehicles. At first it was just a simple molding that allowed the driver to place his coffee in a convenient place so it wouldn’t spill. The concept has come a long way since then. I think I counted 13 in my daughter’s car. After all, molded plastic in the shape of a cup costs no more than a plain piece of plastic in the shape of a cover, an armrest, or whatever.

Anti Splat Aero Cup Holder
ASA cup holder

Now most of us could probably fashion a reasonable version of this new product from scrap in our workshop, but Anti Splat Aero has come up with a very acceptable solution for the modest price of US$29.50. You could probably modify this version using another attachment method.

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