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FREE Wheel Penetration Ski Design

By Patrick Gilligan, Board Member, EAA Canadian Council

March 2020 - I designed these wheel penetration skis for my RV-8, but they can also be used on bungee cord tubular landing gears, flat bar spring landing gears, but not spring tubular gear such as many RVs. In order to promote charitable giving, I am willing to share the design drawings with anyone who provides evidence of a donation to an aviation cause.


You must provide proof that you donated to a Canadian aviation association in the year 2020. Membership dues are not a donation. Eligible organizations include EAA Canada, COPA, UPAC, Aviation Quebec (APBQ), BC General Aviation, BC Floatplane Association, and Ontario Seaplane Association.

Send me your email address through Facebook Messenger and I will get back to you.


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