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Word of the Month: Part (Whatever)!

By Ian Brown, Editor

Canadian pilots often hear their American friends use terms like Part 103 operations. If you try to dig out the equivalent in the Canadian Aviation Regulations you will probably fail, or at least your eyes will glaze over while you are trying. Here are some of the definitions of the Code of Federal Regulations relating to aviation CFR Title 14 — aeronautics and space. They are different enough to the CARs that we're fortunate that, despite the structural differences in the regulation descriptions, the rules themselves are very similar.

Federal Air Regulation (FAR)

  • FAR Part 91: General operating and flight rules (portions apply to all operators)
  • FAR Part 103: Ultralight vehicles
  • FAR Part 105: Parachute operations
  • FAR Part 108: Airplane operator security
  • FAR Part 119: Certification: Air carriers and commercial operators
  • FAR Part 121: Operating requirements: Domestic, flag, and supplemental operations
  • FAR Part 123: Travel clubs
  • FAR Part 125: Certification and operations: Airplanes having a seating capacity of 20 or more passengers or a maximum payload capacity of 6,000 pounds or more; and rules governing persons on board such aircraft.
  • FAR Part 127: Certification and operations of scheduled air carriers with helicopters.
  • FAR Part 129: Operations: Foreign air carriers and foreign operators of U.S.-registered aircraft engaged in common carriage
  • FAR Part 133: Rotorcraft external-load operations
  • FAR Part 135: Operating requirements: Commuter and on demand operations and rules governing persons on board such aircraft
  • FAR Part 137: Agricultural aircraft operations
  • FAR Part 141: Pilot schools
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