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Late Resolution!

By Ian Brown, Editor

April 2021 – It's a bit late, but I just made a New Year's resolution. A new author this month, Tom Martin, gave me the idea. He said he's been able to fly every month so far this year, in Ontario! Looking back at my logbook over recent years, my hours of flying time have been dropping and there were occasional months when I didn't fly at all. That's not great for my aircraft or my flying skills. Maybe I'm not alone. Is this how we age out of flying? So, my resolution is to fly every month of the year. Overwintering in Florida makes this eminently doable, but organization is key. I skipped February because my annual had expired and I was too involved in other things to prioritize it.

When I built my RV-9A, a friend said, "Do something on the build every day." That made a lot of sense and that's what I tried to do. The same logic applies to flying. Flying every month means at least once every month, so a target of flying every week might account for weather and other commitments. How about you? Do you find yourself skipping months without flying? Why not join me in the "flying every month challenge"?

I hope you enjoy Tom Martin's impressive achievements in our second article in the Prolific Builders series. By my count, he's built 11 aircraft. I think you'll also really enjoy Curtis Penner's article about flying the "backcountry" in Manitoba. Not only has he done an impressive job of documenting some great flights, but he's been cataloguing some of the lesser-known strips in the province. Our third new author this month is Catherine Tobenas. Some of you may know her as the director of Aviation Connection. She also organizes the series of international air rallies that includes the Governor General's Cup for Air Races. Her article on that cup and its first winner, a lady from Fenwick, Ontario, is fascinating.

Finally, a new contact email address for me. Our EAA Canadian Council has an excellent webmaster these days. Phillip Johnson has created easy-to-remember email addresses that can carry over with our roles. My own is If you have an idea for an article, or just want to send me a comment, go ahead and give it a try.

Thanks to all our contributors this month, new and not-so-new. Without you, I'd have been pulling my hair out this week, if I had any.

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