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From the Archives — Chapter 63, Winnipeg, MB, a Hotbed 50 Years Ago

By Ian Brown, Editor

May 2019 - I'm sure you will be impressed with the sheer number of homebuilt aircraft projects underway 50 years ago at EAA Chapter 63. I counted 18, which I've highlighted for your convenience. This comes from the chapter report in the May 1969 issue of Sport Aviation. It's nice to know that while in those days constructing aircraft was considered a "guy thing" (see comment below about "men" and "wives"), Winnipeg today is a leader in encouraging women to engage in all aspects of aviation.

Chapter 63
Manitoba, Canada
D.A. Robinson
141 Forest Park Dr.
Winnipeg 17, Ontario, Canada

A major change in the chapter's previous meetings has been discussed. Robinson has proposed that all routine business be handled by the executive and only problems requiring a motion would be put to the membership. The purpose is to leave the regular meeting for social activities, discussion of building problems, and so on. At the February meeting, approximately 40 men attended and at least 12 wives accompanied them to the aircraft factory basement display of Jon Vermeulen. In the basement was Jon's original Olympus 1 project, as well as an El Condor sailplane and a Gruno glider.

Big news — congratulations to Charlie Bennett are in order. Charlie completed the first Falconar Teal in Manitoba and has its twin sister almost completed. During the flight test, no evaluation was made as there was a problem with the main wheel. There are changes in the brake system to be made to improve control during taxiing and transition.

In a letter received from Raymond S. Baker in Kenora to the chapter, he states his Spezio Sport is progressing. The fuselage is out of the jig and welding on the joints that were covered by the jig. There is a night class at one of the tech schools on homebuilt aircraft and there are about 12 taking the course and using the machinery to turn out parts. There are two or three F-12s being constructed as well as a Cavalier. Also an AMF-14 is being built and plans have been obtained for a Baby Ace. Other aircraft in the chapter are a Bushby Mustang II, a Minicab about 75 percent complete by James Morris — the tail assembly of his Emeraude, John Friesen — James Purse has started on his Jodel F-12 — C. C. Hughes has drawings for a Jeanie’s Teeny — a Luton Major is being started by R. J. Carriere — Alf Drever’s Sky Coupe has flown with the first test flight made by Chapter President Doug Robinson.

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