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From the Archives — Fifty Years Ago

By Ian Brown, Editor

May 2021EAA Canada had its own section in Sport Aviation magazine 50 years ago and a lot was happening.

Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada
By Herb Cunningham, President
16 Acre Heights Cr.
Scarborough, Ontario

The Ontario Aerobatic Championships will be held on Saturday afternoon and Bob Heuer in his Pitts "Special" and Bob Lyjak flying his Waco Taperwing will highlight the afternoon air shows. Camping facilities will be available for EAA members on the airport and your Board of Directors are convinced that this year's Convention will be the best yet.

Each year, the Experimental Aircraft Association of Canada is asked by the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association to select the best Canadian homebuilt completed that year. This year, the task of selecting the best homebuilt was delegated to Chapter 65 in Hamilton. After carefully assessing several aircraft, it was the decision of the Committee that the best homebuilt finished and flown in Canada during 1970 was a Spezio "Tuholer" built by Massey Asadoorian, President of Chapter 364 in Oshawa, Ontario. Runner up was a Pitts "Special" built by Deryck Hickox of Agincourt and a Thorp T-18 built by Fred Kracht of Don Mills. All were fine aircraft and are a credit to our movement. On behalf of all our members we would like to thank Howard Bexon, President of Chapter 65, and his fellow committee members Wendall Haines, Russ Norman, Eric Campbell, Frank Zaunscherb, and Ed Johancsik for their assistance in this difficult task.

After a long absence of aerobatic and air show activity in Quebec, we are pleased to announce that EAAC, in cooperation with Mr. Leo Samson, President, Chalets des Chutes, Mont Tremblant will be organizing the Quebec Aerobatic Championships and Air Show. The event will be held at Mont Tremblant — St. Jovite on Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13. There will be an Aerobatic Competition both days and an air show featuring Bob Heuer, President of International Aerobatic Club with a 200 hp Pitts "Special" on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Leo is an EAA member building a Loving's "Love," and has long felt that aviation needed a real boost in this part of Quebec. We hope that this Competition and Air Show will be of real assistance to those attempting to promote sport aviation in Quebec.

The EAAC Annual Sport Aviation Convention (formerly known as the Orillia Fly-in) will be held at Lake St. John Airport northeast of Orillia on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 16, 17, and 18. EAAC's Board of Directors met in April to finalize plans for the event and several Chapters are involved in the operation of this year's Convention. Awards will be provided for various types of aircraft and other accomplishments, and there will also be static displays and demonstrations of aircraft welding, riveting, fiberglassing and other aircraft construction techniques.

As we mentioned in the April issue of SPORT AVIATION, the Canadian Aerobatic Foundation has been incorporated. The CAF was established in order to promote the sport of aerobatics and to make financial assistance available to promising aerobatic competitors across Canada. The Directors of the Foundation are Dr. Josh Rogers, (President), Doug Murray, Cal Martin, Bill Wiley, Ken Gamble, Jim Dwyer, Norm Kelly, and myself. All are EAA and IAC members and as its initial endeavor, the CAF has purchased a 150 hp inverted fuel system "Citabria" and leased it to Chapter 189's Flying Club, where it is available to EAA members for aerobatic training and competition use. Aerobatics is an expensive sport. By the time a competitor is old enough to have the money for a suitable aircraft and the time to practice, he or she may be too old for serious competition. Unfortunately, younger people who have the reflexes and the stamina necessary for competition aerobatics usually don't have the money for the many hours of practice needed, and it is the hope of the CAF that we will be able to assist financially those who show real aerobatic ability but could not otherwise afford the practice and aircraft necessary for unlimited competition. Donations to the CAF will be tax deductible and it is hoped that individuals and organizations will provide financial assistance. The CAF is sponsoring a draw for a new Champion (one of the $4995.00 ones). This draw will be held at the St. Catharines Air Show in September and tickets will be available to chapters and clubs across Canada on a profit sharing basis so that clubs selling tickets will keep some of the proceeds from these tickets. Additional information about this draw will be forthcoming shortly.

For many years, one of the biggest fly-ins in Eastern Canada has been the Oshawa Breakfast Flight. Following the completion of a Control Tower, MOT decided last year that only radio equipped aircraft could attend and the Breakfast Flight suffered considerably as a result. Through the efforts of the Oshawa Flying Club and Chapter 364, aircraft will be allowed to attend this year without radio. In addition, Chapter 364 is holding a camp-in on Saturday evening, with a barbeque, movies, fly-past, etc. For further information about this event, which is scheduled for June 19 and 20, contact Massey Asadoorian at 416-576-7526 or write to Massey at 832 Fernhill Road, Oshawa.

Harold Brown writes to advise that the Flying Club in Penticton is holding a fly-in and Air Show on August 7 to officially open the new Control Tower at the Airport. All homebuilts are welcome and Harold is hoping to have some static displays and competitions as well. For additional information, contact Harold at Camberley Cove, R. R. No.1, Okanagan Falls, British Columbia.

Dan Mackie, Secretary of Chapter 266, passes along the following information on their field day to be held June 5 and 6, 1971 at St. Lazare."We have abandoned the idea of 'fly-ins' temporarily and have dubbed our new proposals as 'field days'. The difference here is not so subtle. While we will continue to encourage participation by other chapters, the primary function is to exclude the general public and bring together only those keen on relaxing and jawing with other enthusiasts. The emphasis is to get those families and friends with and without aircraft together without having to worry about public mauling and having to 'perform'. There would be plenty of camaraderie perhaps a function or two (like a spot-landing contest), encouragement of rides for the wives and kids, and beaucoup hangar-flying. Also included would be weiner roasts, movies, etc."

May 16 — Fly-in at Stanhope, Ontario (Near Minden).
June 5 & 6 — Montreal Field Days.
June 12 & 13 —Quebec Aerobatic Championships and Air Show — St. Jovite — Mont Tremblant.
June 19 & 20 — Oshawa Breakfast Flight and Camp-In.
July 16, 17 & 18 — EAAC Annual Sport AviationConvention, Orillia, Ontario.
July 17 — Ontario Aerobatic Championships, Orillia, Ontario.
July 24 & 25 — Air Races at Mosport, Ontario.
August 7 - Penticton, B. C. Fly-in.
August 27, 28 & 29 —Canadian Aerobatic Championships, Centralia, Ontario.
September 12 — Smith Falls Air Show, Ontario.
September 18 — Markham, Ontario, Air Show.
September 19 — St. Catharines Ontario Air Show.

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