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Building a Sonerai Cowling

By Bill Evans, EAA 794228, Chapter 266, Montreal, Quebec

July 2020This is Bill's latest report on his efforts to build a new cowl for his Sonerai. — Ed.

This week I fitted and installed the FI air box, and the main (header) tank. More work was done to finalize the air inlet scoop and the new cowlings.


Header compartment and engine.

I also rewired the electrical relays. Before, the current to the starter ran through both the battery relay and the start switch.


Rewired relay box.

The voltage drop was so great that it was a Herculean task to start it once, and impossible to start it hot.


Right-side view of forward compartment, air box, and facet pump.

If you look at the front view, you'll see why I bought the Sonerai. The profile the airflow sees is amazingly clean.


Sonerai II front view with that clean profile.

This week is filling and sanding the plastics. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are painting. The present plan is to use silver paint and a clear top coat.

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