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New EAA Aerobatics Chapter in Canada

By Jeff Seaborn, EAA 793688, Chair, EAA Canadian Council

August 2021 – There’s a new EAA chapter in Canada — specifically IAC Chapter 137 in Alberta, which is the first IAC chapter in Canada. It’s been a long time coming due to some distractions that the group has had to face. The founding president is Neill Cook, EAA 1090385. It was the efforts of Neill and Lenora Crane, EAA 1015429, that made this chapter come to life. The Aerobatic Club of Alberta has been very active with the long-time support of EAA and IAC for many years. The level of interest in aerobatics in Alberta is growing, but aerobatics in Alberta is nothing new. In fact, in 1988, the World Aerobatics Championships were held in Red Deer, with teams from all over the world. This was only possible due to the efforts of the local pilots and enthusiasts at the time (some who are still active). 1988 was the year the Soviets rolled out their factory-produced Sukhois, which really made an impact in the aerobatic world. Some of those Sukhois are still competing, two of our chapter members have them.

New Aerobatics Chapter in Canada - Aircraft of the newly formed aerobatic club
Aircraft of the newly formed aerobatic club

There is an increasing level of interest in competition aerobatics across Canada. This August, a contest will be held in Steinbach, Manitoba, which is the first central Canada contest in many years. In 2023, the World Advanced Aerobatics Championships will be held outside of Las Vegas. Again, teams from around the world will be there to compete at this high level. The next two years are important for competitors in Canada as there will be a selection process for pilots to represent Canada at this world-level event.

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