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Word of the Month — MET Towers

By Ian Brown, Editor

September 2020 – A recent TC advisory circular, AC 601-005, referred to MET towers and their risks to aviators. These towers, often associated with wind farms, are set up to measure meteorological conditions, primarily wind. We should all be aware that it's our responsibility to make sure that we know of ANY obstacles in our flight path. A meteorological tower can be quickly erected and decommissioned. Nav Canada maintains a list of these towers.

Meteorological towers tend to be less than 90 metres (300 feet) in height so if you don't fly locally where this might be a problem, then this probably doesn't affect you. If you do have a local aerodrome where there might be a concern with MET towers over 90 metres in height, you might want to check your local area for the erection of new MET towers, especially if you are a crop duster er . . . crop sprayer . . aerial application specialist, or just a paramotor flier out for fun.


This is what a tower looks like, if you've never MET one!
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