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Stacked Traffic — An Incredible Feat!

Written 50 years ago by Cecil Goddard, EAA 16663, Alida, Saskatchewan

October 2019 - When two RCAF Avro Ansons collided and stuck together during World War II, they created a biplane out of one of the more freakish accidents that occurred during the heavy flight-training programs of that period. All bailed out except the pilot of the top ship who discovered that he could fly both planes with his set of controls, and brought the mess in for a relatively perfect landing. The two ships were hangared together piggy-back, and then the top plane was hoisted to the rafters and the lower one wheeled away.

Because the upper ship was nosed slightly into the lower, the two held together. The upper ship was headed slightly to starboard, with the port wheel between the fuselage and nacelle. The fins and rudders ended up pretty much in line with each other. The cabin of the lower machine was beat up by the propellers throwing debris. Both planes were overhauled and flown again. These Ansons were excellent and rugged machines, but I can't remember the name of the pilot.


The fellows got a great kick out of landing under unusual circumstances and would not shy away from the opportunity for the world. This pilot took the "cake." Coming in on one engine after the other quit wasn't too impressive, and the pilot usually climbed out stretching and yawning nonchalantly. Coming in wheels-up created a bit of excitement. However, if the pilot returned dragging telephone wires or with tree limbs stuck through the wood wing, it was usually the end of his career.

This pilot knew, however, that he had outdone all and, emerging from the ship roaring with laughter, challenged the others to try to top it.

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