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EAA Canada Inc. — A Federal Nonprofit Charity

By Jack Dueck, Project Lead, Chairman, EAA Canada Inc., EAA Lifetime 337912

November 2019 - We were delighted to announce the formation of the EAA Canadian federal nonprofit charity at our EAA Canadian Tent at Oshkosh this summer. This report provides some of the rationale for why we did this.

When you look around the United States, you will find many chapters with a significant infrastructure that was largely established with tax-deductible donations. The generosity of those chapters also partly stems from the fact that the members who donate funds to worthy causes, such as donating aircraft or tools, can obtain tax relief on their donations. Until now, it has not been possible for Canadian EAA members to receive a charitable donation receipt from the EAA in Canada for similar donations.

EAA Canadian membership stands around 6,500 and we currently have 12 EAA chapters in Canada. With the formation of this approved charity, we now can generate funds; issue tax receipts for donations; and support studies and the development of Canadian innovation and aviation products.

The Experimental Aircraft Association Canada Inc. (EAA Canada for short) is non-membership based, and all of its directors are volunteers. We will employ other volunteers and paid staff to administer some of our programs and projects.

We have appointed directors from across Canada, chosen for their education and aviation background as well as their location, to administer our charity. We are currently developing our strategic plans, and our first year of operation will coincide with the 2020 calendar year.

Our purposes, as defined in our charter, are as follows.

  1. To advance education by:
    • Providing aviation-related information, education, and safety training programs to the public through structured courses.
    • Providing scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to Canadian youth interested in aviation careers.
    • Providing funds to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada), to advance the efforts in Canadian aviation research, the results of which will be made publicly available.

  2. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

We are developing revenue streams that will include donations of items and aircraft from private citizens and corporations, EAA SportAir Canada workshops held every spring and fall in both Calgary and Toronto, a yearly silent auction and gala, and from specific aviation-related activities such as local air tours.

Who are our directors and what are their responsibilities?

Jack Dueck, Chairman

Jack Dueck, Chairman
  • Education
    • P. Eng. (aeronautical)
    • MBA (U of C)
    • Private pilot, multi-IFR (not current)
  • EAA affiliations (EAA Lifetime 337912)
    • Homebuilt Aircraft Council alumni
    • Chairman EAA Canadian Council alumni
    • Founding editor, EAA Bits and Pieces newsletter
    • SportAir workshops director/instructor
    • Author of Sheet Metal Building Basics
    • 34 years attending Oshkosh
    • Recipient of the EAA President's Award
  • Aircraft built
    • CF-PII (high wing, fabric, two place)
    • CF-MNS, Luscombe restoration
    • C-GYRV, Van's RV-4
    • C-FBJJ, Van's RV-9A
    • C-FLCD, Dueck/Luscombe restored as a homebuilt

Jack's responsibility as chair is the governance of the organization. Additional responsibilities include donations administration, EAA SportAir Canada workshops director, and fundraising. Jack lives in High River, Alberta.

Jeff Seaborn, Vice-Chair

Jeff Seaborn, Vice-Chair
  • Engineer
  • Chairman of EAA Canadian Council
  • Canadian liaison with EAA Chapters Council
  • Has been around aviation all of his life
  • Continues to promote aviation interests throughout Canada
  • Aircraft built
    • Van's RV-7 with auto engine conversion
    • DR-107 One Design, aerobatic

As chairman of EAA's Canadian Council, Jeff is our direct link to Oshkosh. In addition, his responsibilities include governance and regulatory administration, chapter liaison, air tours, and fundraising. Jeff lives in Foothills, Alberta.

Ian Brown, Secretary

Ian Brown, Secretary
  • Born and raised in England
  • Retired in 2007 after a long career as a biomedical software engineer and Canadian product marketing manager with GE Healthcare
  • Began flying in 1997, earning his PPL in Guelph, Ontario
  • Editor of EAA's Bits and Pieces Canadian e-newsletter since 2013
  • Member of EAA's Canadian Council

Ian completed an RV-9A in 2009, which he still flies today. He has a home in Bromont, Quebec. As secretary, he records minutes of the board's actions during meetings and makes sure they are properly documented.

John Mader, Treasurer

John Mader, Treasurer
  • 40 years in engineering and project management
  • MBA (U of C)
  • Obtained pilot license in 1972
  • Earned commercial license in 1974
  • Served four years as vice president of EAA Chapter 1410, High River
  • Airplane aficionado, owns two Bellanca Cruisairs

After retiring, John resurrected his instructor rating and currently instructs part time with Calgary Flying Club.

John has assumed the responsibility of treasurer, and as such, he will control the issuing of tax receipts. In addition, we look to John to help with regulatory control issues, fundraising, and air tours coordination, and he will serve on the important scholarships/bursaries committee. John lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Lloyd Richards, Management of Donations

Lloyd Richards, Management of Donations
  • Timmins-area transportation businessman for more than 50 years
  • Private pilot with land, sea, and instrument ratings
  • Active EAA volunteer at every AirVenture since 1981
  • One of the original members planning the Young Eagles program
  • Has flown more than 2,600 Young Eagles
  • Member of EAA Canadian Council
  • Recipient of EAA President's Award

Lloyd's ability to interact with both private individuals and corporate entities makes him the ideal candidate to head up our donations programs. In addition, Lloyd will be asked to help EAA Canadian pilots to fly Young Eagles. Lloyd's years of organizational entrepreneurship will help us chart our course, as well as develop our important programs and strategies. Lloyd lives in Timmins, Ontario.

Ralph Inkster, Coordinator of EAA SportAir Canada Workshops

Ralph Inkster, Coordinator of EAA SportAir Canada Workshops
  • Introduced to flying by Royal Canadian Air Cadets
  • Awarded Special Merit Badge–Glider Pilot License
  • Progressed through ranks to warrant officer
  • Earned private pilot license in 1992
  • Built several amateur-built aircraft
  • Started own company, Custom Aircrafters in Springbank, Alberta
  • Past director of Calgary Flying Club
  • Past president of EAA Chapter 1410, High River
  • Provides racing support for Reno Air Races
  • Broad knowledge and supports builders of amateur-built aircraft

"Hands on" best describes Ralph's activities in aviation. As coordinator of our EAA SportAir Canada workshops, he is tasked with their day-to-day planning and operation. Thousands of students have taken part in these educational two-day workshops designed to help them realize the joy of building and flying their own aircraft. Ralph will also help with air tours and fundraising. He lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Kathy Lubitz, Liaison With UPAC, Transport Canada

Kathy Lubitz, Liaison With UPAC, Transport Canada
  • President of Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada
  • UPAC representative to Transport Canada
  • Ultralight flight instructor
  • Together with her husband, Ed, puts on the annual August UPAC convention in Bright, Ontario
  • EAA media volunteer for many years
  • EAA's spokesperson to the FAA on Canadian aviation rules and regulations
  • Kathy and Ed built a full-scale replica of the Silver Dart, now housed in the Trenton museum

Kathy is well-known in the Canadian aviation community, and her contributions to ultralight flight are unsurpassed. Kathy also has a stellar reputation with both Transport Canada and the FAA in the United States, thanks to her knowledge of the rules and regulations that affect recreational flying on both sides of the border. Kathy is our liaison with Transport Canada and with UPAC, the organization she represents. Kathy lives in Bright, Ontario.

Jack Neima, Public Relations

Jack Neima, Public Relations
  • RBC divisional manager (retired)
  • MBA (U of Dalhousie)
  • Obtained private and glider licenses through RCAC
  • Pilot training in the Canadian Armed Forces
  • Spearheaded the reactivation of EAA Chapter 63 in Lyncrest, Manitoba
  • His aviation family includes his father, a private pilot, and his uncle, Fr. John MacGillivray, a longtime EAA supporter and friend of Paul Poberezny
  • Currently owns and flies a Piper J-3 on floats from his lakeside resort just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jack is our public relations spokesperson. He also is spearheading the learn/build/fly program that encourages EAA Canadian chapters to help their members organize a program, then form a flying club to make aviation flight training economical. The concept is for EAA Canada to accept a donation of a dormant aircraft, then have this aircraft made available to the chapter to build or restore. When the aircraft is in flying condition, EAA Canada will sell it to a group of chapter members to own and operate. This program is similar to the Pathways program in the United States. We believe this to be important in both encouraging EAA membership and chapter growth, as well as provide a revenue stream for our charity.

Doug Eaglesham, Administrator of Scholarships, Bursaries

Doug Eaglesham, Administrator of Scholarships, Bursaries
  • Reserve officer, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Captain, Royal Canadian Air Cadets
  • Commanding officer, RCAC
  • Councilman, Cayley, Alberta
  • Mayor, Cayley, Alberta
  • Director of disaster services, Cayley, Alberta
  • Awards
    • Canadian Forces Decoration
    • Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
    • Officer Recognition Award, Air Cadet League of Alberta
    • Alberta Order of Excellence, 2013 (the highest recognition an individual can receive from the Alberta government)

Doug has lived a lifetime of service to his fellow Canadians. As commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Doug has seen this movement grow into a large contingent in Alberta and Western Canada. Doug's passion is helping young Canadians enter aviation, and as such is the ideal candidate to foster this growth through our scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. Doug lives in Cayley, Alberta.

Bert Elam, Director–Liaison With COPA and With RAA

Bert Elam, Director–Liaison With COPA and With RAA
  • Learned to fly in 1972
  • Airline captain with major airline
    • Union representative
    • Ground school and flight instructor
    • Airline training captain
  • Treasurer, Lyncrest Airport
  • Flies 1956 Piper Pacer
  • Young Eagles pilot
  • Organizer of Women in Aviation
  • AirVenture volunteer
    • Forum moderator
    • Departure briefings crew
    • SUN 'n FUN volunteer

Bert was instrumental in the renewal of EAA Chapter 63 in Winnipeg at the Lyncrest Airport. The group of enthusiasts at this airport is a model for EAA chapters everywhere. Members own the airport, and there is terrific cooperation between the various groups and organizations. We look to Bert for help with air tours, our learn/build/fly programs, and fundraising. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Mike Davenport, West Coast Director

Mike Davenport, West Coast Director
  • EAA member since mid-1970s (EAA 89012)
  • Past treasurer of EAA Chapter 85, Vancouver
  • Chapter projects
    • J-5 Cub
    • Pober Pixie
    • Young Eagles pilot
  • Worked on the development of the two-place Quickie
  • 1,364 hours of flying experience, 28 types
  • Current owner of Stinson 108-2
  • Five-year volunteer at Arlington air show
  • Coordinator of Abbotsford air show, 2015, 2016
  • Author of articles in Bits and Pieces

Mike is our director representing the lower mainland in British Columbia. He has a long history of supporting grassroots aviation in this area and with EAA. Mike will help administer the learn/build/fly program, help with air tours and fundraising, and liaise with the RAA. Mike lives in Surrey, British Columbia.

Budgetary Considerations

We have set our first year's budget at just over $100,000 in revenue, with our costs expected to be around $40,000. This will leave around $50,000 to be expensed in the form of scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to deserving Canadians. We commit to always operate in the black, with a small amount of the funds generated remaining as surplus.

How Can You Help?

All of our committees and programs will require volunteers from across Canada. The above descriptions and responsibilities of our directors are covered briefly, but we will need your help. Can you see yourself volunteering in any of our programs? We will need help in fundraising, determining whom to support with scholarships, silent auctions with gifts and with your time, air tours, EAA SportAir Canada workshops, anywhere and everywhere.

Consider your service to our cause, and send your name, address, where you might be able to help, and a brief bio of your aviation activities and interests to jackpdueck@gmail.com.

Finally, please consider a donation of a gift for our silent auction or a cash donation. You will be issued a tax receipt, and you will be helping students pursue their aviation studies or programs.

Thank you!


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