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David Leiting's Brilliant Idea!

By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

November 2020 – Reading Montreal Chapter 266's newsletter, I came across an article written by EAA staffer David Leiting, VP of EAA Chapter 252. Wonder where that is? Wittman Field, Oshkosh, that's where.

He had a great idea. Donate an EAA membership to a friend. We give out money for lots of things these days and most of it doesn't really have a visible effect that we can see. The more I thought about this the more I realized it's brilliant! Here are some great benefits that you can expect, especially if you also introduce them to your local chapter and donate a chapter membership too:

  • Gifting a membership increases your local EAA membership and chapter head count and welcomes the beneficiary to the fold.
  • Choose a young person and you can get some young blood into your chapter.
  • You might anticipate that the person would be more engaged in aviation because they receive their copy of Sport Aviation every month and EAA emails.
  • It's likely that after their first year they will renew their subscription on their own.
  • Gifting a membership does go towards keeping our cherished organization strong in an uncertain time.
  • Making a gift of an EAA membership is like holding out a welcoming hand to a new brother or sister aviator.
  • Consider gifting a membership with some of those unspent-in-pandemic dining out dollars.
  • Feel shy about the visibility of a personal donation? Pass the hat around the chapter. Maybe as a group you'll be able to buy a few memberships in the name of your chapter.

As for timing, there's no time like the present ... to present a present! To learn more and to purchase a gift membership, see

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