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ForeFlight Airport and Nav Database

By ForeFlight Airport and Nav Database

December 12, 2018 - Have you struggled to load updates for ForeFlight? If you have limited space on your iPad or iPhone, you might run into this problem especially with the airport and nav database because it’s huge —1.34 GB.

One thing you can do is just resist the temptation to try updating that particular file if it’s not yet expired, even though it’s a newer version. Once it has expired if you select the Delete button you will have the choice to Delete Expired, making space for the relatively massive airport and nav database by deleting just that expired file. Since it’s so big, you’ll need to make sure that you delete the expired one and then immediately download the new one before anything else gets loaded to your device.

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You might find it useful to update all the other files first, which will probably not be an issue because as each one is loaded, the previous version is removed, but not until the new one is successfully installed. That’s the problem with the airport and nav database — it essentially needs a total of 2.68 GB while it’s downloading and installing the update.
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