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Write an Article in 2020?

By Ian Brown, Editor

December 2019 - As the year draws to a close, we hope you've had a fulfilling 2019 in your aviation exploits.

We're all another year older (and deeper in debt?), and our chapters are in need of fresh blood. Now might be a good time to introduce some younger pilots to your chapter activities. How about organizing a chapter open house and inviting other organizations, like 99s, Air Cadets, or other local pilot groups?

Does your chapter have an official greeter? You may think that it could be the responsibility of all of us, but there are very good reasons to have someone in your chapter allocated to that role. Who is going to take down the contact information for a new visitor? Who is going to make sure they get on the chapter email list or find out about their flying interests? The greeter may also walk the visitor around the membership, introducing the new face to the chapter officials and any other folks who might have a project they would be interested in seeing. Having an official greeter can also help them prepare for such an event by bringing copies of previous newsletters, membership lists, chapter event calendars, and whatever materials might be useful. Having new members will keep your chapter alive and growing.

If you are an EAA member who would like to see a chapter formed in your area, how about stepping up to the plate as a catalyst? Chapters don't just happen. There are tons of benefits to being part of one, and our headquarters' operation is second to none in their ability to support you and offer material and practical help to get going. Only EAA can offer IMC/VMC clubs, monthly chapter videos, and Young Eagles, whether at an event or one on one. Check our separate article for more information about a chapter near you or how to form one.

I'd like to personally thank our many contributors this year. You make our newsletter possible. For those of you who have yet to contribute, let me give you a brief outline of what we need. In general, our readers most like to read articles relating to the building and restoring of uncertified aircraft, but almost anything you, the reader, might find interesting is sure to be interesting to others. All it takes is a few paragraphs of text and some fairly good-resolution photos attached to an email in JPG format. Next time you're puttering with your aircraft, why not tell yourself this: "I'm going to send an email about this; maybe other people would enjoy it, too." Whenever you wind up in a conversation at your local airport about a project you're engaged in, it's probably something pilots outside of your area would be interested in, too. So please support your newsletter — write us an article. You can send your material to me directly at ixb@videotron.ca.

I'd like to wish our friends at COPA, Transport Canada, the MD-RA, and any other flying organizations a happy holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, or Ramadan, or simply plan to cherish getting together with family and friends, we send out especially warm greetings to our Bits and Pieces readership and flying friends we have made over the years.

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