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Van's RV Service Bulletins

By Ian Brown, Editor, EAA 657159

February 2021 – This may apply to other kitbuilt aircraft, too — sometimes a reminder is worthwhile.

I was reading another document relating to an earlier Van's Aircraft service bulletin and concluded it didn't apply to me. I also realized that it was quite a dated service bulletin. I was about to file that away in the "irrelevant" drawer (read "electronic wastebasket"), but decided instead to check out the Van's website.

Imagine my surprise when I found a service bulletin relating to my RV-9A and all Van's Aircraft models, suggesting a crack inspection before the next flight. The service bulletin is SB 16-03-28 (yes, 2016). Owners of a more attentive persuasion might have gone over this four or five years ago, but those of us who missed it should check the service bulletin and check the aft spar web at the inboard aileron hinge bracket for cracking before our next flight and at every annual thereafter.

The bigger picture is that maybe this might be a reminder to check whatever model of aircraft you have for service bulletins, Van's or not. No news would be good news for sure!

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