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NTSB Safety Alert: Use All Available Runway for Takeoffs

December 2017 - The NTSB in October issued a safety alert highlighting the hazards associated with intersection takeoffs and recommended pilots use all runways available to them for takeoff.

In intersection takeoffs, only a portion of the runway is used for takeoff, which creates an unnecessary risk of accidents due to the lack of runway available in case of system or engine malfunction. The NTSB has investigated at least 10 accidents between 2000 and 2015 in which pilots were attempting intersection takeoffs.

The safety alert emphasizes the need for pilots to:

  • Know their airplane’s takeoff and landing performance limitations.
  • Not feel obligated to accept an intersection takeoff if offered by air traffic control.
  • Use all available runway length to increase the margin of safety.

A video on this issue is available via the NTSB YouTube channel.

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