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January 2017 - Are you tired of flying alone? Want to share expenses? Are you a low-time pilot with no airplane and want to check out different makes and models? Maybe your plane is down, or you’re dealing with high fuel prices everywhere. Or maybe you just want to stay current and proficient and are looking for a safety pilot. If so, SAFEBOOK is what you’re looking for. 

EAA/IMC Club has just made available to the public a new and improved social media offering for IFR and non-IFR rated pilots. The improved EAA/IMC Club offering, SAFEBOOK, allows IFR aviators to connect with other pilots willing to fly with them as safety pilots. The intent is to create a community of pilots to share experience, learn from each other, foster communications, and create a safe and proficient aviation environment.

Connecting IFR pilots to people and resources who can make them safer in actual conditions through exchange of experience and practical knowledge has been a primary goal of IMC Club, and then EAA/IMC Club, since November 2015 when IMC Club integrated with EAA. Invented in 2010 by IMC Club International, SAFEBOOK has been one of the most popular benefits available to members of that organization. We are so happy to build on that promise through the release of this new and improved service on the EAA platform. SAFEBOOK is the world’s largest and only database of its kind.

SAFEBOOK allows pilots who are willing to fly with someone in a capacity of a safety pilot to submit their names to this specialized record. All pilots can search this directory based on geographical location — such as distance, country, province, or state — and initiate direct communication with someone. Both IFR pilots looking for safety pilots and those interested in flying with them will find this to be a valuable service. To be listed in the SAFEBOOK directory, all you need to do is to indicate your appropriate availability and willingness.

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