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EAA/IMC Club in Australia

  • EAA/IMC Club in Australia
    Murray Feddersen is the EAA/IMC Club program coordinator for EAA Chapter 1308.
  • EAA/IMC Club in Australia

November 2016 - Members of an IMC Club chapter, located in Narromine, Australia, approximately 200 nautical miles west of Sydney, are now part of the EAA Chapter 1308 on that continent.

Narromine is a historic aerodrome that is home to the oldest regional aero club in Australia. It was an operational and training base during WWII, providing a bad-weather alternative for international flights to Sydney prior to the installation of the ILS. It was also a training base for Qantas Constellations and HS748s and is now a major gliding and recreational aviation center.

Narromine has a significant place in Australia’s aviation history and has been visited by Chuck Yeager and Buzz Aldrin. The latter dedicated the Wright Flyer replica that was constructed locally, has been successfully flown, and is now on display at the Narromine Aviation Museum.

IMC Club, through the EAA chapters’ network, provides organized hangar flying focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. It’s the only program of its kind. The EAA/IMC Club concept is to bring together IFR-rated pilots who fly in the real-world “actual IMC” and provide them with opportunities to share stories, network with the larger pilot community, and gain valuable insights and tips for their IFR flying. All stories and scenarios produced by the club for use during chapter meetings are real and based on submissions from their members. EAA/IMC Club meetings provide a forum for promoting participation and discussion of IFR flying.

Murray Feddersen is the EAA/IMC Club program coordinator of this newest program associated with EAA Chapter 1308. Murray learned to fly in 1990 at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne, realizing a long-held ambition and encouraged by his wife, Linda. His initial private pilot qualification was quickly followed by constant-speed prop and retractable-gear endorsements, along with his night rating. Murray’s command instrument rating was achieved following his move to Canberra in 1991, where he became president of the Canberra Aero Club.

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